Assignment #7: Picking A Domain Name

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Assignment #7: Picking A Domain Name

When coming up with these domain names, I thought of what best represents me. This is when I went back to my passion assignment, ultimately deciding to make domain names based off of music and my attachment to the piano.

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The reason I went with gray keys is because you have both black and white keys on the piano, and when you mix those colors, you get gray.

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While this seems like a basic explanation at first, let me explain. There are many people who get by with playing mostly white keys, or mostly black keys, and some musicians even use transposition buttons on their pianos in order to play in other keys without having to playing these other notes. The reason I chose gray keys is because only by knowing how to play both white and black keys fluently will you be able to sound good on the piano.


This choice was inspired by the keyboardist Stevie Wonder. I love the way that he maneuvers through chord progressions with ease. He is known for being able to change the progression without people noticing that the song went somewhere totally different, hence sly.

Here is a song that shows Stevie’s ability to go to places no one expected and come back to the original key.


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Despite the title looking like complete foolishness, it fits with some of the pianists that inspired the way I play today. Pianists Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson are musicians who are praised for their technical skills and flashy performances. They use runs often to impress the audience and to create an effect in the moment while performing. This, plus their crazy ability to play at top speed, is why I decided to go with FlurryRuns.

Here’s an example of the speedy performance and flashy runs by Art Tatum.


This domain name is based on something new I was looking into a musical term called chromatic mediants. I began looking at it in order to spice up my chord progression in a way that didn’t use the circle of fifths in its traditional way. This method allows you to travel between different keys without taking a long route there.

Fun fact: Most widely known Disney songs, like A Whole New World and Circle Of Life, make use of chromatic mediants, but it is used in order to modulate to a different key instead of simply using it to build a chord progression.


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This domain name is based on the melodic minor scale. The melodic minor scale has been another new thing that I have been working into my performance habits.

Originally, I just used this scale for a sound over dominant chords, however, recently I have been experimenting with when I could use this scale in order to make my improvisation more interesting.

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