My New Website: Mono Pillowtalk

That’s right, Mono Pillowtalk is the name of my new website.

When I wrote the post about potential domain names, I sort of doubted that any of the potentials would actually stick. However, the words”mono pillowtalk” stuck with me because of what they represent. “Pillow talk”, which is usually used to describe an intimate conversation, in bed, between two lovers, will in this case be an intimate conversation with oneself.

I intend to cover topics that one typically suppresses or ignores, that I have silenced, in a creative way. What will be unique about it, is that it will be matters one usually address only to themselves or their therapists, or when up late at night unable to sleep. You know, the troubling thoughts and truths.

I want my website to be mostly creative writing, but there will be a twist. I have other passions that I want to incorporate either as pages or categories, such a music, Tumblr, art, and poetry.

Yeah, that all sounds good to me. So, lets do it.

P.S there’s nothing on the website just yet.