Vaporwave is described to be a music genre that was generated from chillwave. It’s popular aesthetic can be found on Instagram ,Facebook , and other social media outlets like tumbler. They are so popular because of the bright color varieties,  the use of famous anime characters , and famous cartoon clips. Many people have seen these visuals attached to sad messages and soft music . Vaperwaves are more than visuals, they are meant to leave you with a lasting impression. Many vaporwares I have watched surround themes of loneliness, depression , and heartbreak. Many people actually indulge in drugs and enjoy the trippy effects. While one sense is ignited , you’re pleasing another.


The trip graphics and over edited images are meant to impact viewers. They reign in popularity because of the harsh themes they express to the public. I believe they are beautiful because they provide a  platform many people didn’t have beforehand . It’s hard to speak on dark feelings, this allows creatives to divuldge their inner feelings into a visually pleasing presentation .

The retro themes are also a trip down memory lane . Vaperwaves are a compilation of retro 80s symbolism and old school music. Many mainstream artist have used the them like Bones and $uicideboy$. Like the messages it gives , it invites its participants to feel their feelings. Despite negative or positive , you shouldn’t fight it.