El Fin

CT 101 has taught me greater values and lessons than photoshop . This class has taught me patience and to be more open minded . If you asked me if you could tell a whole story though visuals , I’d say you’re wrong . This class has exhibited that the main language we all can communicate through is art . When you see a puppy gif , it causes emotion . When you see a gif of someone happy , you start to smile .

These small art pieces have more of an effect than accounted for . These things were created to add emotion to text , emphasize feelings and overall improve quality of communication . I’m fortunate to live in a time like this where technology is so advanced and never ceases to amaze me .  My fellow students have taught me how to downsize images , the importance of tone and the different themes within expression . My favorite topic thus far was the vapor wave . If you’re not familiar with the content , you’d just assume it was a retro statement . Vapor waves are embedded with deep emotion and thought provoking images .

I even  have taken an interest in making my own website aside from my blog on self care . This has shown me that the internet is a means to reach more individuals and touch their hearts . I’m thankful for Mr.Seslow teaching us these techniques and being so understanding . He’s truly a great individual and goes the full nine yards to help students . I believe I deserve an A- or B  in this class .

That is because I’ve done every assignment and given feedback to other students . I’ve spent time building on things I lacked in . I took the time to learn how to edit images from YouTube on my own spare time . I was only familiar with using gifs from iMessage , not actually downloading them . This was a new thing for me , and taught me how to use specific ones that still move . I also learned color schemes and what is appealing to viewers with my classmates critique . I was a team player and joined every class with the intentions to learn a new skill . Thank you for the opportunity and everything you have taught me . Thank you Class and Mr.Seslow ❤️❤️❤️


Copyright you say ?

Many people are unsure about what copyright is and do not understand how simple mistakes equate to stealing intellectual property . When we quote articles and don’t cite then it’s stealing . When we sample old music and make new mixes , it’s stealing . When Fashion Nova steals designer brands ideas , it is definitely going t be an ordeal with copyright. Many people create something unique and don’t understand the severity of claiming their ideas .

You could have thought of something years ago but if an individual stamps their name on your idea and registers it , you’ve lost. Legal actions hold more weight than moral codes and that I something everyone is familiar with being a citizen in the U.S.. My favorite thing from the discussion with Andy Bacio was about Steve Jobs.Many people glorify him because of his stature and wealth . In the very beginning of his evolution he took the idea of Graphical user interface and the mouse key from Xeorox Star. Is this acceptable because of who he is ? , absolutely not . Everyone deserves to be penalized when they don’t compensate their inspiration .

when people use music they should give credit , or when doing covers the original artist should be given credit. An example of copyright issues is when instagram or youtube take down your video because of unapproved music added . There are features social media that listen or audio that is not allowed to be shared without permission. According to investopia.com copyright is “Copyright refers to the legal right of the owner of intellectual property. In simpler terms, copyright is the right to copy. This means that the original creators of products and anyone they give authorization to are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce the work.  Visuals , musicals , dramas , literary and physical art can be copyrighted . To honor your creativity , be smart and get the rights to your creation . You deserve to reap the benefits . WE also need to educate people on how to reference work without plagiarism and encourage others their work is better than taking someone else’s.



Vaporwave is described to be a music genre that was generated from chillwave. It’s popular aesthetic can be found on Instagram ,Facebook , and other social media outlets like tumbler. They are so popular because of the bright color varieties,  the use of famous anime characters , and famous cartoon clips. Many people have seen these visuals attached to sad messages and soft music . Vaperwaves are more than visuals, they are meant to leave you with a lasting impression. Many vaporwares I have watched surround themes of loneliness, depression , and heartbreak. Many people actually indulge in drugs and enjoy the trippy effects. While one sense is ignited , you’re pleasing another.


The trip graphics and over edited images are meant to impact viewers. They reign in popularity because of the harsh themes they express to the public. I believe they are beautiful because they provide a  platform many people didn’t have beforehand . It’s hard to speak on dark feelings, this allows creatives to divuldge their inner feelings into a visually pleasing presentation .

The retro themes are also a trip down memory lane . Vaperwaves are a compilation of retro 80s symbolism and old school music. Many mainstream artist have used the them like Bones and $uicideboy$. Like the messages it gives , it invites its participants to feel their feelings. Despite negative or positive , you shouldn’t fight it. 

Midterm Assignment !!!

This is everyone’s favorite and worst time of the year . It’s a blissful feeling knowing that half of the semester is behind us but it’s also nerve wracking . 

It makes me realize that time is not here to serve our graces . During this semester we’ve been challenged with new expectations . This class was hard because it involved me to tap into my creative state . During COVID I experienced dips in my creative state and felt like I was in a fog . This class allowed me to see that visual learning is able to convey messages words can’t . I love being able to use gifs , pictures and symbolism to communicate with my peers . We live in a world that’s a melting pot but the one language we all understand are visuals . There were some questions asked throughout the semester. What were challenges you’ve experienced in CT? Some challenges were managing how to learn photoshop . It’s not easy to create the illusion and takes practice . This class forced me to dig deep and be patient while learning the logistics .

What did you take away from CT? I learned that visuals are the one language that ties all of us together . People flip though magazines , see billboards , and watch television to receive important messages . Whether people realize it or not , messages are conveyed and leave us with lasting memories . I feel as though a visual will stick with an individual longer than mere words would .  Another question we got is how can we use our knowledge towards our websites. I will take my lessons on visuals and keep it mind for my audience . When creating these websites we were supposed to create statements that attract the audience it’s catered to . Colors , font , and even the pictures you choose all make a difference within the website .  It’s all about knowing your impact of what you produce . 

My favorite picture and why

I picked the assignment that highlights my favorite moment . My favorite moment was when I went to Bahamas and it was the last vacation I’ve taken since COVID . It holds a special place in my heart because I got to meet amazing people , try new foods , and riding jet skis along the coast . I stayed at a beautiful resort that was next to people that owned their own shares of private beaches . This wasn’t the highlight of the trip but it was much needed motivation . I loved being able to see that and made a promise to myself that one day I will live a life of luxury and exclusivity. It’s much needed and deserved because I can’t see myself working behind a desk for the rest of my life . In Bahamas I also swam in the ocean and got to experience the country life . Many people wouldn’t journey into the city with locals , but I’m not everyone . Funny enough the most flavorful food was there . I had fresh lobster the size of my arm , steak that was seasoned to perfection and fresh vegetables. It made me want to eat fresh food daily and ditch fast food all together . Fresh food taste better and it also digest better . Being in another atmosphere brought light to ways I could change my own life .

I also was able to tan on the beautiful beach and get served cocktails poolside . Not to mention the fun clubs and activities after dark to take part in . My only regret is that I lived in the moment in complete bliss . The trip was so fun I couldn’t help but already think about my next adventure . Sometimes we get so caught up in the future we don’t fully grasp our present . Now that COVID came , I wish I knew what I had . This has made traveling and keeping busy a nightmare . I miss my old life where I could get up and go anywhere just because there were no restrictions . The bright side is that I have found more simple ways to interact and make memorable moments with loved ones like picnics and trying new takeout restaurants . This picture makes me want to take full advantage of my present and soak it in .




How I feel about CT???

Thus far this has been an amazing journey in CT. I entered this class scared of what was to come. I’ve never had a class this unique and impactful before. This is a cross between my love of writing and visual learning. I was able to ponder and express my emotions about education and matters that actually concerned me . I learned that every writer does better with the use of visual learning. It’s how we first learn the world and makes things more easy to comprehend. I was able to see my classmates different perspectives on art and enjoy the way it uplifts their life . 

This class has also helped me improve my photoshop and be able to dissect the meaning of visuals . I also adopted the 4 quadrant technique where you split photos into 4 . Through this you’re able to notice small details you wouldn’t have by just taking a quick glance at the visual . My skills in photoshop were not very good but the DS projects encouraged me to give it a try . I watched YouTube tutorials and even used the experience from other classmates . 

What I enjoyed most about this class was the the fact it was like a small community . Despite Corona effecting our in person classes , we were still united behind a screen . Everyone was very nice and indulged in each other’s work . I can’t say the same for other classes , because the enthusiasm is not there . Our teacher is very nice and makes asking questions feel safe . I respect and commend his dedication to teaching us . He is respectable and clearly has a passion for the major he teaches . I hope to take another class with him and get to finally meet my classmates on better circumstance .

Registering Domain Name

My official domain name is Dessydoc. This is because my website will be a place for users to be able to understand my way of thinking and get to know me . This will also be a place people can comment questions and have them answered. Some people don’t have people to turn to , and I want them to know they can use my website as an outlet . I’ve just begun to step out my shell and really let the world know what I have to offer . As a child my outlets were art , writing and through music . Writing is something magical and has been close to my heart forever . As a child I remember being immersed in literature, it was a safe haven . Now as an adult I understand the power of tone , language , and emphasis. I’d like to provide a sense of security to my viewers and allow them to see life impacts everyone differently . I would speak on topics that are appealing to viewers in my range 18-25 and speak on ways to cope . People often make content self centered but I want to make a change within my people . Emotion has been smeared as a useful thing and I want to demolish stereotypes . 

A picture that shows everything I love


This collage contains several aspects of my life that bring me relaxation . On vacation my favorite thing to do is sit on the beach . I could sit on the beach and take in the beautiful scenery for hours . I enjoy swimming and doing water sports like jet skis . This reminds me of the future that awaits me , soon I’ll be able to vacation whenever I feel. I love to go on adventures with my boyfriend and have deep talks . I used a picture of two individuals in the car to represent the intimacy involved in communication . Us simple speaking about day , what we want for ourselves, making jokes and giving eye contact keeps us in touch . The picture of the yoga mats represent my love for personal time . I love to sprawl on my mat and stretch in my backyard. It brings me peace and allows me to contemplate on my next move . It also reminds me of why I started my spiritual journey and gives me the push to keep going . I placed the picture of birria tacos because it’s the newest thing I’ve tried . I’m a foodie and love to try new cuisines . This brings me relaxation knowing I’m able to experience the world around me . I love getting involved with the diversity the world has to offer . Last but not least , organic food shopping makes me happy . Eating healthy has an effect on your mood , brain functions , gut health and your outlook . I love to eat properly to take care of my vessel and learn new ways to stay immune from illness .Food is truly medicine , and it’s exciting to learn new uses for it 

DS 106 work

In this chapter of our storytelling class , we’re utilizing a new editing machine . This page is great because it shows different ways to produce visuals . I’m learning that art can be displayed in humor, sadness and through parodies . The limit is endless to communicating through art . I choose two activities from the DS106assignment bank . I decided to do the “Silly movie poster” and the “Birthdays are the worst “ assignments . I picked these options because of them being beginner level and because they challenged my creativity . I typically go for collages or emotional projects . Doing something lighthearted was a trip down memory lane. It made me remember when I was younger and loved editing on computers.

This assignment made me realize how much art was significant in my growth . As I grew, my interest in art matured . Instead of simple collages , I preferred creating pieces that embodies emotion. This was refreshing and gave me a new outlook.

Memes are works of art

The definition of art is a product created with intention of communication or creating an aesthetic. Art is more than putting pen and paint to paper . Art can be created with numerous materials and is not limited to one type of form . With memes we’re able to reference popular tv moments , exaggerated expressions and , funny images to express our emotions .


Memes allow us to brighten its recipients day . One meme can say a thousand words . When we have nothing to say , there’s always a gif to break the ice . Art gives you a feeling , and memes provide you sensation . Incorporating art into our daily lives gives us joy and the push to express ourselves all across the board . To spark creativity , one has to be inspired.


I love visual learning

This class provides me with new perspectives and allows me to express my creativity . Many people dismiss the internet as garbage , but only know the negative parts . The internet has allowed us to use graphics to express moods , send a loving message , or brighten someone’s day with a joke . With these same animated messages we can brighten our daily lives for the better . Teachers use them in their lessons , they’re used in presentations and add excitement to basic communication . Using visuals to convey messages makes me feel centered in my creative state . This not only encourages my eagerness to learn but to do it with pride . This course is excellent and makes me feel happy !!!



I love watching watching diy smoothie videos

I’m guilty of watching diy smoothie videos on youtube and instagram. It’s soothing to watch fruits be cut into small pieces and prepped for the freezer. When taken out of the freezer , the fruit looks like bite size pieces of candy with frozen condensation. When blended with a creamy base, it makes a whipped texture. With sorbet blenders you will see the difference between gourmet smoothies and regular ones.Gourmet smoothies are also garnished similar to smoothie bowls. A beautiful and creative garnish is a sight to see, it’s food art.



I’m interested in smoothies because they have an amazing effect when incorporated into daily routines. Fruits, veggies, oats , and , non-dairy products yield nutrients our body can’t create. When they are made with sea moss it adds a boost to help your immune system stay in shape. During this pandemic it is crucial to stay on top of your eating habits.