Week #10

In my previous post, I stated that I would be doing stories in my blog post. I do not know what genre I will put yet, such as romance and scary stories. However, I stay true to writing stories. While my writing drive is not the same as before, this is something that I would still like to do. I could give it a shot, and I’ll try to make some interesting stories. I will try to do short stories for the website, at least for now. I will try to come up with creative ideas.

I had stated that I was thinking about adding music. I do not think I will add music after all. But, I will describe how different shows and books have inspired me. One book that inspired me to write stories is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

I read this book in high school and I was invested in it. It made me enjoy reading and gave me thoughts that I could write like this. I will definitely recommend this book to anyone that hasn’t read it. I would put how books like this inspired me to write in my first blog. 

I will start posting on how the website is going to be and I will be posting on the website. http://wilts-stories.com/ 

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