When I first joined this class, I had no idea what to expect. Since my friend Chelsea recommended it to me, I decided to give it a try. I did not think I would be enjoying this class as much as I did! This class has been very helpful and I have learned things that I will 100% use in the future. I can’t even begin to mention how many gifs I have ended up creating, and how this class made me understand technology better. Now, a recap of this semester

What did you enjoy about our class and how you will apply your new skills into the world?

There were many things that I enjoyed about this class. The #1 thing I enjoyed was the usage of gifs.

I like creating gifs and using them for different purposes. Now I can create gifs whenever I choose to do so and I can respond to people with gifs. I will definitely use this a lot when making posts as well. I enjoyed many other things such as making memes, learning about memes, creating my own website, and the process of making the website.

Will you maintain and keep up your new website? If so, how? If not, Why not?

I will try my best to keep maintaining my website. This was something that I actually thought of doing before I even took this class. Now that I know how to make my own website, and I have one I want to try to expand on it. And since I plan to make stories, this website is a good place to keep my stories. Call me Geronimo

If I’m struggling when I’m making and editing my website, I will go back to any notes I have that Ryan gave me. If needed, I would ask for a bit of help via email.

Now to discuss my website. Making a website for the first time was a joy to make. One of the hardest things when making my website was the domain name. I had no idea what name I should go with, and I wanted it to be a name that represented me. After some time and thinking I finally decided I watched the recordings several times and took time when I was making my website. My website is filled with different stories, and I’m hoping future stories will be on there as well. The stories on there are some that I made up and some of my own personal experience. I hope to add some comics I make on there as well. Also, I gave the family dog her own page Moka.

Now, before I finish, let’s do a recap.

First post, what makes me happy on the internet

Gif time!

Are memes art?

DS 106

Domain name



Week 8 & 9

Week 10 & 11

Week 12


I also have commented on multiple classmates’ posts and websites.


What grade do I think I deserve? I think I deserve an A-, A or an A+, around the A range. Usually, I would say a different grade in this case, but for this class, and my website I really enjoyed the work and ended up doing a lot of work. Professor has been very helpful and I have attended about every class on time. Also, I would definitely recommend this class to other students for sure! Take care, everyone!

Copywright week #13

Copyright is basically the owner of the creative source controlling how their material is used. Materials such as music, books, art are good examples to use. One thing about copyright is that it can happen to anyone. Many people on youtube like to post videos, and some people like to copy each other. An example can be a song. If the creator of the song sees someone else posted their song then their video would most likely get taken down.

On the other hand, there are some things that are ok to use that would not be copyright. A parody of a video would be a good example. If people were to upload the song word for word it would most likely get taken down. However, if they were to upload themselves doing the song in a different way they would be fine.

After watching Laws that choke creativity, there was something that stood out to me. It is when he said “The importance is that, that technique has been democratized. It is now anybody with access to a 1500$ computer who can take sounds and images from the culture around us and use it to say things differently.” This can go back to the parody’s used. Anyone can create different things and use it to their advantage, as long as they have the tools to use them.

People can show off their creativity in a different amount of ways. They can change up a way a video or even a game was used and make it to where they are using a similar concept of a video that they have seen before. 


Copyright nowadays has gotten more strict. I’m seeing many videos get taken down from things such as a song being used for about 5 seconds. I think that it is weird how some laws have adapted to where people soon won’t be able to use music in their videos unless they make it.

week 12 classmates websites!

I have checked out my classmates’ websites. The first site that I checked out was The title alone, rotating rock caught my eye. The post that I was reading was a Netflix documentary. This documentary is about John Demjanjuk who is fighting for his innocence. They’re doing a good job with the website, keep it up! 

The next website that I checked out was I had commented on it at first, but it seems my comment disappeared. It had confused me

In their first post, they said some things that I had agreed with. This class is a good class and I had a lot of fun making gifs. Gifs were one of the favorite things that I have done in this class. I also like their website, where they say where beautiful things happen. Beautiful things will happen to your website : ) Keep up the good work classmates!

Week #10 & 11

In my previous post, I stated that I would be doing stories in my blog post. I do not know what genre I will put yet, such as romance and scary stories. However, I stay true to writing stories. While my writing drive is not the same as before, this is something that I would still like to do. I could give it a shot, and I’ll try to make some interesting stories. I will try to do short stories for the website, at least for now. I will try to come up with creative ideas.

I had stated that I was thinking about adding music. I do not think I will add music after all. But, I will describe how different shows and books have inspired me. One book that inspired me to write stories is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

I read this book in high school and I was invested in it. It made me enjoy reading and gave me thoughts that I could write like this. I will definitely recommend this book to anyone that hasn’t read it. I would put how books like this inspired me to write in my first blog. 

I will start posting on how the website is going to be and I will be posting on the website. 

Week 8 & 9

I did it, I made my own website. is the name of my website. This took me a while to decide because I wanted a name to represent something that I liked. I’m a person that used to write stories and draw, so I wanted something a bit easy for me. The names that I had thought of before were Geronimo-animations, Geronimo-ideas, Wilts-comics, Wilts-stories, Geronimo-wilts passion, Wilts-episodes, and Geronimo-episodes. Now I have decided to go with Wilts-stories. 

Now as for what I will be posting, I believe I will start off with writing stories. I can’t write comics yet. If I could, I would try some things with Geronimo himself. This mouse is cool to me 

There’s a good chance that I will add other things to my website. I may add some music I like listening to, some animes that I watch, or even games that I play. If anything, I would add any animes that inspire me to write such as death note, and assassination classroom.

This anime actually helped give me some inspiring ideas and made me start writing. So, I could use this on my website if anything.

This anime helped give me more inspirational ideas by showing how a teacher could help his students in multiple ways, and give them creative ideas. Ryan has given me the opportunity to use creative ideas in this class. 

I may or may not add listening to music on my website. I love music and I love vibing to it. I’m debating on if I will. That’s up to the future. If I do, I’ll be dancing for sure

The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

How am I doing in CT 101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining?

I think I am doing well in CT 101. I was a bit worried at the start that I would not be able to function well since I am not used to online but with prof. Ryan that has not been the case. This class is the most enjoyable class that I have this semester and I like the things that I have learned. I am able to use gifs efficiently and I can make them whenever I want now. I want to say I am maintaining an A- right now. I am caught up on my post and have joined the classes regularly. I have commented on classmates’ posts, as for my post I think they are going well but can use a bit of improvement. 

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

What I have learned the most so far is the use of Gifs. I had said this to the professor when I was talking to him. I use Gifs more often now because I enjoy making them and using them. They are fun to me and there are so many that can be created. I am glad I learned the usage of gifs.

My greatest learned asset so far in this class is learning the blog post. Posting different weeks and reading what others post is a cool aspect that I like. I do not mind posting weekly, responding to others, being creative.

What skills have I developed, cultivated, and displayed regularly in my posts?

For this, I would put the use of memes or gifs. I will start using them more for sure in my blog post, but it is definitely memes or gifs.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

For this, I would say by my blog post. When I’m in the lecture I’ll either talk sometimes or just listen for most of it. When I do the blog post I am being creative, putting down different answers and ideas, trying to be creative. The blog post shows how much effort I’m putting in and they are a good recap to go back to. Now let’s take a look at my blogpost

 Post 1 My first post was asking what makes me happy on the internet. At the time, it was Minecraft. Minecraft became my second favorite game and I really enjoyed playing and watching it.

Post 2 my second post was about making gifs. I had a lot of fun making gifs and this was probably the most fun assignment for me. I liked doing this and will use this for future purposes.

Post 3 This post, I was glad to make memes. I was having fun with this and making different things left and right. I still remember watching and looking at memes daily a few years ago. I still look at memes daily, even though they are different. Memes are fun to make and I will continue making them. 

Post 4 This post was about DS160. This is the post that I had the most trouble with. Taking a screenshot from the computer and uploading it gave me the most trouble. 

Post 5 This post was about picking a Domain name. I actually enjoyed doing this. It made me think about the comics that I want to do and produce. I thought about some more domain names but didn’t like them as much.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

One main thing would be the amount of money that people make from memes. When we had the discussion that people not only bought memes but they also sold millions for a meme, I was amazed. I knew that people loved to make memes, but hearing that amazed me. Another thing was gifs. I now know how to make gifs and apply them for myself.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

I do not think that I am in a loop, I think that I should use more creativity in my post. I think adding more gifs, memes or something else can expand my post. My post are not usually short, but they do seem short. This is something I will definitely work on.


An idea that I relate to from Aaron is always challenging society. Many people in society believe that we have to follow every single thing such as getting married at a certain age, working 9-5 every day to maintain a standing in society, and more. People always question their life choices and think that they could do better for themselves. I agree with always challenging ourselves to do better and trying to find new ideas in life, things that we like to do, do not let society think for us. I have seen some friends of mine doing things that they like to do, earning money on their own time by doing things like trading and i thought that was cool. They are not following society’s standards and are making money in different ways. I see people thinking for themselves and standing up for things and it made me smile seeing them being better versions of their selves. 

Domain name

The video helped a bit, I understand the reason for choosing a domain name wisely. I had actually thought about making my own website a few months ago, but I did not plan to take any action. What I wanted to do I cannot do yet so I did not even think about it. What is that? I want to make comics/videos. I was planning to learn how to draw better, even at a drawing school. I plan to learn animation and if I ever get enough money, I would ask others to help me with it. This is definitely something that I plan to do, even if it takes me years to understand and start on it. I would definitely start posting drawings to my website, then try to slowly implement comics.


So, one of the things that helps me on this is my twitch name. How? Around the time where I had gotten on twitch, I was watching/reading a show and books that I didn’t hear about before. The name is Geronimo Stilton. People on twitch said that they loved the books whenever they saw me and that they liked the show as well. It made me think since I want to do animation and learn how to draw better, this name is fitting for me. I don’t use the name Geronimo Stilton exactly, but I use the name, Geronimo in the first part of my name. Since that, i got into the Geronimo books better and thought to use this name to brand myself when i start animation and comics.  

Scholastic Paperbacks Geronimo Stilton 67 The Chocolate Chase - Linden Tree  Books, Los Altos, CA

an idea of what geronimo stilton looks like.


Some domain names I can think of is 










I will try to think of more and/or better ones

DS 106

When it comes to the DS106, I know the 2 projects that I can do and would like to do.


This is the fanfic assignment. I had picked this one because I used to/ still kind of write fanfics. Not only is this something I can do, but it is also something that I have done. I wrote stories in high school on my own time. I would even jot down some ideas that I had during lunch and write them down when I got home. So I think that I would be able to do the fanfic assignment given here. 

For this assignment with tina, I think I would be able to do this well. While I do not have specific tv shows that I can call my favorite, I can definitely do it for other shows. I can take in the anime shows that I have watched and use my favorite ones to give me ideas. Tv shows I can think of that I can use would be the big bang theory, family feud, and probably futurama. 


The radio assignment is one that I would be willing to try. The reason I picked this one specifically is that I thought it would be very interesting to me to learn how to do a commercial back in the ’80s. When I read this and heard to put some background music and/or sound effects, I thought about the different effects from the shows I used to watch. I do not know what exactly I would use for sound effects, but I would try something creative.


Week 4. are memes art?


I have actually heard this question quite often. I’ve heard people talk and discuss memes and art. I personally think that memes are art. Memes are a way for people to express their selves and what they find interesting, how they feel, and more.

Happy Squirrel meme

Memes are even used in advertisements. Some people have had their games/business promoted through the use of memes. For instance, the mobile advertisement ads. The ads say something such as “omg I can’t beat this level 😅😂😂 when it’s the first level of the game and they’re clearly failing the level on purpose.

Among Us meme

Stonks Only Go Up meme

When I first learned about memes, I thought they were cool. I had thought to myself this was humorous and a nice way for people to express their art. I love looking at memes and seeing the new ones people come up with.

Dory from Nemo  (5 second memory) meme

To sum this up, yes memes are a form of art. People can express themselves through the use of memes. Memes can be many different expressions such as sad, happy, excited. There is no limit to memes.

Rainbow Spongbob meme

To finish off this post. I think that some of my favorite memes are the memes that got me into memes.

Karate Kyle

Karate Kyle meme

Chemistry cat

Chemistry Cat meme


One Does Not Simply meme


Y U No meme

And to finish fry

Futurama Fry meme

gifs all around, assignment #2

The first day of CT was cool. I was recommended it by my friend Chelsea. I did like hearing about it and the things that I could create. Creating gifs will be new to me but I can try

The way it compares to other classes is this class feels a lot more of a relief. Learning how to use the internet better and making new things that I see other people make is a cool concept. 

The potential of this class seems to be unlimited. I do not know what new thing we will learn next but for now, I made some gifs.

Me when I’m hungry

Me when I’m lurking around

My sister’s dog Moka trying new food

What makes me happy on the internet

What makes me happy on the internet? that answer is Minecraft. I started playing Minecraft last year 2020 and it became one of my favorite games. I started learning about it and looking up videos of how to do things like make potions, beat the game, what specific items do, etc. I started watching YouTubers like Dream and Technoblade who are seen as Minecraft pros. I’ve been watching more dream and his Minecraft manhunt videos.

I find myself watching many videos from dream and learned a lot of new things to do in Minecraft. Dream was also one of the fastest-growing youtube channels ever. At the start of 2020, he had one million subs, at the start of 2021, this dude had 16 million subs. That is insane to me.

Minecraft has a lot of different mobs, character packs, and backgrounds to play in. One of my favorite mobs is the creeper.


Image result for creeper            Image result for creeper