gifs all around, assignment #2

The first day of CT was cool. I was recommended it by my friend Chelsea. I did like hearing about it and the things that I could create. Creating gifs will be new to me but I can try

The way it compares to other classes is this class feels a lot more of a relief. Learning how to use the internet better and making new things that I see other people make is a cool concept. 

The potential of this class seems to be unlimited. I do not know what new thing we will learn next but for now, I made some gifs.

Me when I’m hungry

Me when I’m lurking around

My sister’s dog Moka trying new food

What makes me happy on the internet

What makes me happy on the internet? that answer is Minecraft. I started playing Minecraft last year 2020 and it became one of my favorite games. I started learning about it and looking up videos of how to do things like make potions, beat the game, what specific items do, etc. I started watching YouTubers like Dream and Technoblade who are seen as Minecraft pros. I’ve been watching more dream and his Minecraft manhunt videos.

I find myself watching many videos from dream and learned a lot of new things to do in Minecraft. Dream was also one of the fastest-growing youtube channels ever. At the start of 2020, he had one million subs, at the start of 2021, this dude had 16 million subs. That is insane to me.

Minecraft has a lot of different mobs, character packs, and backgrounds to play in. One of my favorite mobs is the creeper.


Image result for creeper            Image result for creeper