What Internet Happiness Sounds Like

Hi, everyone!

My name is Demi Bazán, that is, BUH-ZON, and I promise Demi isn’t short for anything. My friends call me Dee, Dems, Demigod or Bazán depending on the mood and whether or not I’ve crossed them.
Since the age of 13, I have been creating deep house playlists on SoundCloud and although I have never sought to gain any recognition for it, I will share this with you as an introductory of what lives on in my head during the times where you would think I am simply sitting in silence.

What you see:
Bored Joe Biden GIF by Bianca Bosso


What is happening:

Loop Clairema GIF by The Lot Radio

I have never been one to spend much time surfing the web, but when I do, I create playlists like PERVIOLA, my latest creation, which will set you in a Purple mood.

I created PERVIOLA in January while I took a short trip back to New York, in the hopes that it would uplift my mood during gloomy and cloudy winter days, and that it did. I hope it can uplift yours in a dark day!

3 thoughts on “What Internet Happiness Sounds Like”

  1. I listened to a bit of your playlists and it was really dope. I knew you had good taste when you posted the Dilla video so I’m not really surprised. I haven’t listened to house music in years so it kinda gave me a bit of a nostalgic feel too.

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