Final Blog Post

Upon the start of CT101, I doubted myself more than I doubted my ability to do what this course requires. I have been writing since I could remember, but as I’ve said before, I lack vulnerability with my audience. Which in my opinion, is key, because anyone can creatively write, but not everyone has something to say.

In our introductory post, I shared with you what was easiest for me to share with people: music. When I sit down and analyze why I feel comfortable sharing music comparing to other of my works, I come to the realization that it’s because it’s content  I have been creating the longest.
Practice makes perfect(ish), but the more you do something, the more confidence you enable yourself to gain.

Following my self-analysis, it dawned upon me that “I did not choose this course; the course chose me, and I almost missed it!” (Click here to read my opinions about CT101 vs other courses). I placed my faith in this course, and of course, professor Seslow, that at every step of the way, I would build more of an intimate relationship with the internet.

A great way to do something new and out of my comfort zone was to create a meme account and explore its possibilities. While writing my “Are meme’s art?” blog, I learned that meme’s have more potential that what people typically see on social media or share with our friends.  Because you can use any recorded content to create something new, with new meaning and intentions, meme’s are most definitely art.

Need practice or to build some confidence? I’ve got you covered. For practice in creating content,  the ds106 Assignment Bank offers a variety of projects you can try and are rated by difficulty which allows you to either stay within your comfort zone or challenge.

Through the Assignment bank, I gained practice in video editing and somewhat of the basic guideline on how to write a terms of service. Heavy on the “somewhat”. But more specifically, I remixed some scenes of the Incredibles animated movie with Yolanda’s Be Cool song “We No Speak Americano” and wrote an Apocalypse Terms of Service that you can read here, in my blog.

Check out the remix:

One of most appalling truths I have learned in CT101 is actually not a technique or strategy, but information. The documentary of Aaron Swartz taught me how vile and unjust the American system is. I already felt this way before seeing the documentary, but I suppose it added to my anger.
However, as I stated in the closing of Internet’s Own Boy blog, “as long as we live in ignorance, we will forever be slaves and puppets. It is time to start questioning”. This truth has opened up a new reality for me, and thanks to CT101’s influence, I will be able to help others find it too.

Following this revelation, and only after fully understanding that the internet is one of the most powerful tools in the world, came the creation of our own websites. And truthfully, It all feels like the cultivation of a very healthy relationship… if handled correctly.

My website, Mono Pillowtalk was created with the intention to “cover topics that one typically suppresses or ignores, that I have silenced, in a creative way”, and thus, far both my short stories Wallflower, Sunflowers, & Petals and Playa Juan Dolio do just that.  Check them out!

My website is my newborn babe. It is currently being neglected due to finals AND the preparation of summer classes (for me), but I do intend to keep it, use it, and grow with it. I will use it as my beginner friendly website where I can explore and fully master customizing and HTML. See what works, visually, so that later when I do feel ready to grow my business through the internet, I can do it all by myself. Growth, baby.

After knowledge, comes the work and the work wont do itself. Thus, thats on me. But if I don’t, what I do know for sure is that CT101 has prepared me for bigger and better things to come.

I am both happy and scared to part ways with CT101, but thanks to professor Seslow, I know I will be alright. Every step of the way was carefully laid out, organized, and explained. It could not be more crystal. The doubt that I had been placing on myself is no longer there. I have the right information and resources to handle my own website or the internet as a whole, and for that I am grateful.

As for my grade, when combining both my literal words and my actions in this course, I deserve an A. What type of A? that depends on the technicalities, which I have unfortunately not have been paying close attention to. So, maybe an A-/ B+ minimum? Sounds about right. I have done all the blog posts, contributed to the class’ meme folder, supported and encouraged my fellow classmates. If I truly had to pick something I wish I did better, it would be turning on my camera more often. Despite of this, I have always been right there. Loud and clear.


In Larry Lessig’s ted-talk “Laws that choke creativity“, the most compelling truth Lessig’s shares is that the internet is the one cure to the lost voices of the people.

Lessig states:

“In my view the most significant thing to recognize about what this Internet is doing is its opportunity to revive the read-write culture that Sousa romanticized. Digital technology is the opportunity for the revival of these vocal chords that he spoke so passionately to congress about”.

Although the internet today has a lot of negative connotation, it has granted the people a way to express and communicate their thoughts and opinions to a million people in a blink of an eye, if they wish to. Sousa’s fear was that people would no longer need to nor want to go out of their way to say or do anything that expresses individual creativity.

When the “talking machines” were created and proposed, Sousa understood that it meant silencing the people, and he was right. But thanks to thee Internet, we hold the most powerful tool on the planet. Any one person, any where in the world, at any time, can write, film, draw, or verbally capture a moment and share it with the world using their cellphones and with a touch of a screen.

The point.

According to U.S Copyright Office, “copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression. Everyone is a copyright owner. Once you create an original work and fix it, like taking a photograph, writing a poem or blog, or recording a new song, you are the author and the owner.”

Copyrights is the new “talking machine”, not invented to steal the voices of the people, but has made it very difficult or discouraging to create content without the fear of stealing someone else’s idea. Now, one person’s idea, is never truly original or a brand new idea. What you may think is a great idea, has been thought of by others as well, thus, creating is more about timing and action than it is about whether or not you came up with the idea on your own.

Because of this, Copyrights became a thing where creators can protect their works. The downside, if you copyright a painting of your face, that means no one can recreate another work with your face or anything that might resemble it. That may sound good for the owner, but not so much for others who may intentionally or unintentionally create or recreate something similar or resembling to your portrait. Of course, if someone really wants to use your face, there are ways to gain permission to use it. But what good is the internet, if it doesn’t provide absolute freedom?

Due to copyrights, users have to constantly think about how a company or a owner might act legally against them. As far as I’ve noticed, owners only care about someone using their work/idea if they notice that the user is making money. When people take pictures for the purpose of a meme, for example, that owner is proud to be getting recognition. Switch the situation around and say that user’s meme has gotten them the opportunity to collaborate with a reputable company, now it is an issue.

Like Lessig, I believe creativity should have no boundaries. No matter what it is. The opinion of others does not matter when considering one’s ability to imagine and bring their imagination to life. However, all users need to respect the work of others. Do not do to others what you wouldn’t wish someone does to you. Create that meme, that remix, or that painting, but recognize and be realistic about your intentions. Clear intentions = fair use.

Feedback On Classmate’s Websites

Hi, mates!

The first website I checked out was Vinika’s website: VinikaEats.

Given by the title, food is involved, and who doesn’t love food? I had to take a look! The website is well organized and I love the placement of the pictures on the home page.

In her blog, I read Miss Korea BBQ, which sounds both sexy and hot. Vinika describes her experience from beginning to end, includes pictures of the cocktails, the food, and her rating. Thanks to social media, and the trend of trends, it will only take Vinika one amazing review to gain a huge following.

As long as Vinika keeps eating,

The website will keep growing (like the newborn baby it is).


Angel Dejesus’s website: A Strange Perspective.


High Quality Johnny Bravo Whoa Blank Meme Template

Get it?

DeJesus’ first post/homepage is the best introduction one could ask for.  In those few sentences, he is able to introduce himself, his way of thinking, and is hunger for self-growth. At the end of the post, DeJesus’ leaves this picture for the readers to have a visual that matches his words.

Imagine being so small, in such a big world. Imagine never learning, growing, evolving. Imagine being dead while being alive.

DeJesus’ invites us to join him in his journey to enlightenment.

Lastly and gladly.

Cassie’s Website’s: There’s Life Outside with the most impact.

Her website, a static page with an important statement, is by far my favorite. Although I am not 100% sure if the website only has the homepage, I am loving the fact that there isn’t much else going on, because if there was it would take away from its effect.

In her background, it states “Go out. There is life outside”, which is perfect for our present times. Due to COVID, people who typically spent very little time on the internet are now stuck at home doing the same things they were doing during quarantine (nothing).  “Life” in this quote can mean life itself, knowledge, or growth too, and “Outside” can also be lessons, experiences, and change. Point being, you need to put yourself out there in order to actually live.

Cassie ends her post with Plato’s quote, “ASTRONOMY COMPELS THE SOUL TO LOOK UPWARDS AND LEADS US FROM THIS WORLD TO ANOTHER”. Which perfectly encourages one to seek beyond their limits and hope beyond their dreams.

New Posts On New Website

Greetings to all!

I have finally posted on my new website MonoPillowtalk!
On there, you’ll find 3 short stories that portray intimate and authentic self-reflection in a creative way. I wrote these stories with the intention to deeply evaluate the memories that have made my person, whether or not I have understood their impact or effect. As children, we lack the awareness that one day, memories are all you will have left of things that once were. And these memories, have the power to make or break you. As an adult, what you do with this realization will either help you evolve as a person or will simply add on to your trauma.

Earth is both heaven and hell, if you want to read how I’ve accepted the lessons and turned them into blessings of knowledge, click here.

My New Website: Mono Pillowtalk

That’s right, Mono Pillowtalk is the name of my new website.

When I wrote the post about potential domain names, I sort of doubted that any of the potentials would actually stick. However, the words”mono pillowtalk” stuck with me because of what they represent. “Pillow talk”, which is usually used to describe an intimate conversation, in bed, between two lovers, will in this case be an intimate conversation with oneself.

I intend to cover topics that one typically suppresses or ignores, that I have silenced, in a creative way. What will be unique about it, is that it will be matters one usually address only to themselves or their therapists, or when up late at night unable to sleep. You know, the troubling thoughts and truths.

I want my website to be mostly creative writing, but there will be a twist. I have other passions that I want to incorporate either as pages or categories, such a music, Tumblr, art, and poetry.

Yeah, that all sounds good to me. So, lets do it.

P.S there’s nothing on the website just yet.




The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

Let’s reflect.

How am I doing in CT101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

Given that I am on top of my assignments and have only missed one session, I can confidently say that I’m in good standing. Also, based on professor Seslow’s vibe, I’m sure if any one of his students was struggling or at risk, he would let us know before it is too late. At least, there is comfort in that, for anyone why might be worried.

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

I have gotten a lot better at writing creatively without exactly wanting to or lacking the creativity to do so. Writers often go through writer’s block, I often do, but for some reason, it mostly happens when I’m in school. I don’t fully understand it but it is easier for me to write a paper than it is for me to write for fun when classes are happening.  It is something I haven’t been able to work around, however, I have learned that it does have something to do with my inability to separate my education from my every day life. That is, that my school work consumes me. CT101 forces me to seek inspo and to separate.

What skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my posts?

I am awful at giving myself credit when it is due, but I cannot genuinely state that I have actually mastered any skills yet. Thus far, I have learned much, however, I don’t find myself “displaying” what I’ve learned, consistently throughout. My blogs have been a mix of what I already knew, and am learning, but not always.  So, let’s say we’re working on consistency and practice.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

My biggest college tool is my planner. By using my planner every day, many times a day, I ensure that I am on track. In order to keep up with my classes, I need to note what has happened, what will happen, and what’s demanded of me. Thus, I have to think back on the work I’ve done and need to do in order to pass. Especially if I ever need to miss a class, my planner helps me  know exactly what I can afford and not.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

For some reason I had not taken notice of the community built around the internet. I don’t know if it’s just me, but for most of my life I thought of the internet as this thing that had a lot of power on its own and manages itself. It humors me how long it has taken me to see and understand that the internet is a merely a tool, used and powered by the people.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

Definitely expanding creatively. As I said in a previous question, CT101 forces me to separate myself from the seriousness and strictness that surrounds me. Kind of like a break from the world. Thats how I see creative writing, as this space you create for yourself for the duration of your writing. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to carry a conversation with yourself. Then there comes a point where you start to enjoy this different kind of thinking you’re doing. You learn that it is self-serving and it becomes easier. At least I hope I’m doing as great as this sounds.

Domain Name To Be

I have been dreaming about having my own website for years. What has stopped me? Fear, mostly. But with the help of CT101, I know I will have the right tools and resources and I will succeed.

Although I am skilled in a numerous of things, my website will mainly consist of my writing, I just haven’t decided what I want to write about. I’m not clueless, just not sure. In our last class session, I shared that my biggest obstacle was being vulnerable and that is because I want to write about things unspoken, things that should be spoken about. The kind of “things” that we treat as normal, but aren’t, the things that keep us up at night.

What I have never thought about was a name for my domain, I suppose I just never got that far, but if not now then when. I aim to discuss the self that we typically suppress, whether it is due to dark thoughts or emotions, thus some possibly domain names are selfunknown, pleasedtomeetme, 1on1pillowtalk, monotalk (monologue), or midnightmono. What do you think?

I have thought of a solution for my fear, and it is a tactic often used by writers, to write under an alias until they have reached a certain point in their project/career. Some never give up their identity, I certainly would love to make myself known one day. After all, someone’s got to collect the credit. I don’t necessarily wish to avoid judgement, that isn’t my issue. Life has cruelly taught me to never let my guard down, but how can I ever make a change in the world if I don’t speak the truth many others carry as well. If not now, then when?

I don’t spend much time on the internet, but as for my favorite website, since 2008 it has been Tumblr. Tumblr allows one to express themselves in a range of ways and the best feature is being able to personalize and customize your HTML. Everything in my blog, the color, the borders, the spacing, the hover, has been personalized and chosen by me.

Internet’s Own Boy

Aaron Swartz

After watching The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz, I have come to the realization that our government gains its control over the people by withholding information that would empower us to demand change.  The moment in the documentary that impacted me the most was here, at 25:33-25:59.

Swartz had always been very clear about his intentions and they were never targeted toward bringing down the government, instead he only wanted to give people access to our supposed “public” domain. Swartz encouraged the people to dig deeper than instructed or expected, to question everything, to never settled, and he was charged as a criminal for it. A criminal, a felon, for obtaining what the government considered too much information. If you didn’t know knowledge is literally power, please understand this now. History repeats it self, and all that has happened in our country has been written down, kept track of, and mostly hidden or locked away. Doesn’t that bother you? To know that truth is being controlled and hidden? It bothered Swartz and those who followed him, it certainly bothers me and I can only hope one day to have half the courage Swartz did.

The government did not have to handle the Aaron Swartz case the way they did, but they NEEDED to make an example out of Swartz so that no one would ever dare repeat his actions. However, all our justice system really did was to teach other programmers and activist to be more careful, to work in silence. We must never give up. As long as we live in ignorance, we will forever be slaves and puppets. It is time to start questioning.

Channeling My Inner Lawyer and Editor

Through DS106’s  Assignment Bank, I have found the two projects I will be attempting. The first being the writing prompt “Apocalypse Terms of Service”, and the second, a video prompt asking you to take scenes of a movie and adding songs “enhance” the scene(s). Although a bit nervous, I am not too worried about the Terms of Service, as some research will surely prepare me, however, the video editing and music incorporating will be hell of a challenge. But we’re doing it.


I chose this project because I have learned that I am constantly thinking about the world ending. I often dream about it too, not because I’m some psycho who wants the world to end or looks forward to such events, more so because I am always thinking of escape plans, how I would survive, and whether or not I would be leaving my family behind. Lets be real…

I hope to incorporate, in the Terms, parts of plans I have already come up with that I strongly believe will up my chances in actually surviving an apocalypse. But if I don’t manage, the only hint I will provide you with in order to survive an apocalypse, is a bank vault. What could posibly be more secure ?1Currently working on the last piece to my puzzle, how to crack a bank vault. Any ideas?

According to TermsFeed :

The “service” at hand, is in fact living during/after the apocalypse, thus, it is obvious that your only options here are to either die immediately or sign up for the challenge of surviving. It is that simple.

What is the purpose of an Apocalypse Terms of Service you might ask? To establish a law, and to limit liability. Limit Liability for who? Perhaps our government? Maybe God’s?  I suppose that in the case that it becomes “every man for themselves”, our very useful and empowering government can use the following terms. 

Read here: Terms of Service

In order to confidently say that I have mastered writing a Terms of Service for an Apocalypse would probably take me a life time, and perhaps the experience of actually surviving one. In terms of writing a Terms of Service for my website, for example, I would say at least 5 terms with consistent updates and revision. Given that this is not something I have ever wondered about or was interested in learning, knowing just the basics is satisfying enough. 


This project caught my attention because  I am very much interested in learning and getting comfortable with editing videos. In the future, I hope to be able to create filmed blogs, not only written ones. I will be using iMovie on my Mac to edit since it is a program that I already own and seems relatively easily to manage. Please hold…

Here it is:

Time To Face It, Memes Are Art

I wouldn’t consider myself a meme fanatic, however, one thing is for sure, memes are definitely here to stay, and quite frankly, I don’t understand the objection in considering them art. 

The fact the you can pull a clip from anything that has ever been placed on the internet, change its meaning in order to create new meaning, AND has the ability to make one laugh, is God given gif-t.

Like any piece of art, memes take time, both in envisioning and in creating them. Memes can also be interpreted in many different ways, bringing unity, as well as creating many communities all at once. In Are Memes The New Art Form Of The 21st Century by Em Mampusti, she has a chat with 3 meme creators to discuss if memes have “evolved enough to be considered a modern art form”.

Given meme’s ability to “relay a certain thought with a funny tone” and “capture the short attention span of people online”, it’s art form certainly is modern especially when comparing to the seriousness of everything we consider actual art. Whatever that means.

One of the 61 Inspirational Art Quotes that Help me fight my Art Block.

Memes are a “language of its own” that is able to express and convey an emotion or hidden message by sharing ideas and emotions that are open to interpretation.

I couldn’t possibly understand anyone who is opposes  memes. If you find yourself to be one of those people, I promise it is because you are finding or receiving memes that do not please your particular humor. 

 As for Art, for those who only believe that “true art” is everything before the neoclassicism period, it is time to face reality. The world has changed, and neither one of us should have the power to dictate what is Art or what is not. Can we judge whether it is good or bad Art? Most definitely.

Also, Mampusti mentions an important fact, that “the present we are facing now is far from normal” and memes enable the people to make humor out of bad situations that clearly lighten the mood of millions.  And this particular fact, is my most appreciated benefit from memes. 

Mounir Lynch’s Memes are a form of art not getting the recognition it deserves says it all in its title. Lynch’s angle is that the “artistic elements” required to make a successful meme, goes unnoticed and “never gain[s] appreciation until”, like a large percentage of undiscovered and unappreciated art out there, ceases to exist or much time has past since its birth.

But That's None Of My Business Meme | YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU GOT; TILL IT'S GONE | image tagged in memes,but thats none of my business,kermit the frog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

In Memes, Lynch discusses all that art is, its definition, and why meme making is no different than a painting. Memes are “an emotional expression through images, and can be about any topic under the sun”, so why not accept it as an art form?

My collaboration to the meme realm.

Did Someone Say Digital Storytelling as a Course?!

I did not choose this course; the course chose me, and I almost missed it!

In planning and registering for classes, my main goal is always to compile 5 classes in one to two days of class per week instead of having classes all week. It gives me more mental space. After realizing that one of my elective courses needed to be dropped, I spent hours seeking a course that would remotely interest me and teach me something of actual use, and now, here we are.

My initial expectations of this course lead me to imagine myself becoming an internet magician, and so far, it is still how I feel.

I have been creating, that is: drawing, writing, mixing, dreaming, and envisioning since I can remember, but with the progress and changes happening in our time, especially in matters relating the internet, I have discovered some insecurities and have also found myself doubting if I can survive or keep up with it all. This course, I truly believe will help me assert myself optimistically.

During our class’ introduction, I knew I made the right choice. In between professor Seslow’s warm welcome, and the discussion of the course’s description, expectations, and goals, I knew this course was worth committing to.

In comparison to my other class?

Although I do appreciate my other courses, most of their dynamic is lacking. I can understand that after X number of years, teaching just becomes a part of a professor’s routine and/or lifestyle, however, as the world is changing, so should one’s desire to evolve and find new ways to motivate and stimulate.

Potential is essential and time is unforgiving. I see this course as a gateway to internet unity and equality. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your “tale of woe” might be, we all have something to say and what’s to be said is important.

Welcome all,
to Digital Storytelling, where you are valid and heard.

What Internet Happiness Sounds Like

Hi, everyone!

My name is Demi Bazán, that is, BUH-ZON, and I promise Demi isn’t short for anything. My friends call me Dee, Dems, Demigod or Bazán depending on the mood and whether or not I’ve crossed them.
Since the age of 13, I have been creating deep house playlists on SoundCloud and although I have never sought to gain any recognition for it, I will share this with you as an introductory of what lives on in my head during the times where you would think I am simply sitting in silence.

What you see:
Bored Joe Biden GIF by Bianca Bosso


What is happening:

Loop Clairema GIF by The Lot Radio

I have never been one to spend much time surfing the web, but when I do, I create playlists like PERVIOLA, my latest creation, which will set you in a Purple mood.

I created PERVIOLA in January while I took a short trip back to New York, in the hopes that it would uplift my mood during gloomy and cloudy winter days, and that it did. I hope it can uplift yours in a dark day!