What on the Internet brings me JOY


The internet is crazy but yet incredible.

As a young kid I have been amazed of what the internet can do. When I got my first phone I discovered the wondrous app YouTube. I mainly use it to listen to music because it has so many different genres available. I like to listen to slowed and reverb because it gives me a sense of nostalgia and serenity.


Not only can the internet provide me with a place to listen to music but a place that offers movie streaming services. One of my favorites is Prime Video. It has a lot of options for movies and tv shows. With exclusive original content including a new remake about the Lord of the Rings. So far I am watching Malcolm in the middle I recommend it for a good 2000’s throwback.

Another reason the internet brings me joy this week and mostly every other day is the school apps such as Mail, Blackboard and Cunyfirst. Each of these are valuable for school one for checking emails from professors, the other for viewing grades and starting homework and lastly Cunyfirst for adding important information to my school database. These apps allow me to be a good student every day by keeping up with necessary information.


5 thoughts on “What on the Internet brings me JOY”

  1. I’m hoping that the Prime Lord of the Rings series is good. Because they can take a step back from the original trilogy to tell stories from the Second Age and maybe capture some of that magic that made everyone fall in love with the original movies.

  2. Prime Video is one of my favorite streaming site. In this pandemic Prime video and Netflix was my like best friends. Without those streaming sites I couldn’t think my quarantine days.

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