The End of an ERA!


The time has come it is time to stay goodbye and hand in our final blog post. I have really enjoyed my time here because it allowed me to be more creative and also to participate more with my fellow classmates. This class has improved me and set me on track to become a better student.

I went from being a novice student to being able to create and operate my own website JUANCAR1OS.NET. I am so proud of how far I have come. I was a little nervous I was not going to be able to keep up but I have. I have a giphy account which is where I find some of the best gifs I use in my blog post. If you want to check out some of the memes I made you can look at my account called @juanc4rlos.

I really enjoyed being able to explore my creativity and being able to let loose on the blog posts. I learned how to create a site which was so cool because it was an easy process. If I ever need to create or help someone I know how to register a domain. I also know how to put more creativity into my work and find ways to make it interesting.





I hate to say it but I will be shutting my website down for a while. Only because I am going to be crazy busy this summer working. However, I will keep it going when school restarts. I feel I need to focus on working to save up money for buying anything I might need. BEFORE I leave I did spruce up my site into the last unexpected theme I could choose. I made it medieval because this is the last post and want to leave with exploring a cool theme. So the class could see my work before we all go our separate ways after this semester. I like the old and feel that I am going to add a few things before I shut it down for a few days. I like the theme because it reminds  me of the old and it reminds me of old video games.

I really like the look it is different so it is going to stand out when people visit the site. I also changed the look of the logo because it was time to spruce it up for the last blog post. The old logo was not good enough for this new theme. If you ever need to create a logo I recommend the website brandcrowd they are not the best but they give a lot of options to choose from.

If you want to check my website it is


I thought the warrior continued the theme of the medieval. I also thought to change the color because most of the color palate is brown and there is no need to be bright and poppy. I like to let the work speak for itself and then add color if it is absolutely necessary.

My past posts have been:
  1. What on the Internet brings me JOY
  2. How a GIF/JIF can show my opinions with no spoken words!
  4. The Flexibility Project- Assignment 4
  6. Assignment #6 – The Mid-Semester Assessment Post
  7. ASSIGNMENT #7: The name of the game- MY FIRST DOMAIN
  11. Assignment #11- Pano Storytelling
  12. Assignment #12- WEBSITE ANALYSIS TIME 😄
  13. AND LASTLY The End of an ERA!
The next thing I thought to talk about was some of my best blog posts. I say all of them are great but some of them I feel I went above and beyond because I was struck with inspiration. So I thought to mention my top 3 works because I do not need to bombard you with so many of my great works. JK…😂.

The first one has to be ASSIGNMENT #3:


This is one of my best because I was submerging myself into the realm of memes. Where I never had fully gone too. It showed my classmates the type of meme humor I have which is basically randomness. I also showcased my meme skills which I gotta say for my first time were not really terrible.

Here is my favorite meme I made for the class:I find it cool because I always do my CT101 blog post first because this is where I use most of my genius. When I am doing these Ct101 work i never feel stressed or worried because with time everything comes together. I leave feeling that I accomplished good work. Also that I can go into my next work feeling good because I aced my previous homework and I can do better for the next one.

My second great assignment is #5:


Before this class I had never heard of A pretty cool website to be creative on any type of thing you like. I created the page juancarlos. Which showcased some of my favorite things such as marvel, bob’s burgers and avatar the last air bender. This blog post showed how I truly saw intuition, creativity and immediacy because you need the trust to make something. You need the imagination to make it better and the speed to have it demonstrated to the world.


Assignment #11- Pano Storytelling

I believe this is one of my greatest assignment because I talked about the topic of loneliness. Many people avoid this subject because nobody wants to say they are struggling but that is human nature. It also showed how I am capable of showing a story through a panoramic photo. I find it that showing the whole view demonstrates how much of a story can be missed if only one part is shown.


I believe I am at a solid A- or above a 90 but below a 93 to be honest. I am always up to date with all my posts and am commenting on two of my classmates posts every week. But if I were to give myself a grade it would be an A+. I really want an A+ because it would be cool to have one. I also am always present and alert in class. But my opinion does not matter because as long as I do my work and provide good blog posts that is all that matters.

If you read this whole thing I want to thank you. It is a little long but I feel it was necessary as it is my last blog post on this site. I am glad that these posts I made will remain here and if I need a reminder I can look up my CT101 username juancar1os to look up my old work.  I hope everyone has a good break and good luck on your finals.



Hey everyone so let’s have a lil review time of my classmates websites. This is a good idea because we all need feedback because there is always something we can improve on.

I started by reviewing Safiya’s website. It has a cool layout which makes me feel like I need to step up with the background. I have to find out how to do it because it looks nice. I don’t vibe with the background color but it really does make it stand out and fit with the whole overall aesthetic she made. She also does movie reviews and is open-ended allowing her to do reviews, poetry and cooking which is cool because she has a set idea of what she will focus on.

The next person I will review is Duojay’s website. The whole layout is so cool it reminds me of space and galaxies. They also added an animation which was so well made and I think it demonstrated that they like space. The bright colors really make it pop. Although I feel the white font does get a little lost but the overall brightness makes it looks so cool and it will most certainly attract viewers. I wanted to add a pic of their site but it’s not letting me. But I will show you the vibe it gives off below.

So far my classmates have done so well with their sites. I’m glad we all have learned and grown in this class that it will allow us to be better at technology.


Assignment #11- Pano Storytelling


It’s truly amazing that one singular photo can tell a whole story from beginning to end. This is an amazing assignment because as students we get to showcase our photography skills. With this assignment I took two panoramic photos telling the story of loneliness from different perspectives.


In the first picture we can see the belongings of a student in college. We only see his belonging and not him because if nobody see’s him is he really there. I feel that loneliness is something that many struggle with. But, having time to yourself allows for you to focus on doing things with no distraction. With time you will see that sometimes being alone is good because most times you won’t always have people in your corner. That doesn’t mean anything because with time you will find your way to good friends.


In this photo we see a person by themselves surrounded with the beauty of the normal world. Even though you are by yourself it doesn’t mean you cannot find something interesting to keep you going. As long as you look ahead and focus on your self the loneliness shouldn’t annoy you but allow you to grow and focus on bettering yourself.



At first I didn’t know what to post on my site because I made my site open ended. So I settled on making a review of a movie that I watched because reviews are so important. I never buy anything on amazon without reading a review because I need to know if it’s going to be good.

Even though I have no experience writing reviews I am going to make one because any opinion matters as long as it is accurate on what is being shown in the movie.

My First Post is now available!

Dear Class,

I just published my first post on my NEW Website:

Please  –> <–

To see my post just go to Home and Press blog and it will appear there.

All are welcome to check it out or leave any feedback for me!


For me WORDPRESS is a litle confusing at first but I am slowly starting to get it. I just need to have a whole lot of focus and patience. I settled on a different theme at first but changed it to twenty- twenty one because it was more simpler and had many tutorials on youtube. I chose grey as the background color because it is calming and simple.

This is how my website used to looks like but it has changed as of now…

I feel like my site was half complete it needed something more so it could stand out. I feel like at this moment with no direction right now but I know what the base will be. To begin I turned my site JUANCAR1OS.NET into dark mode because I prefer dark colors than something really bright.

I added only 3 tabs. The first one is the home button you press it it will refresh everyhting so you can see recaps or finding any information they need. The second is the new post button for any post I upload they will be redirected to a new tab only with my new posts. The 3rd and last is the about/ contact I merged them because they will learn who and what we are and how to contact us for any info.

I also updated the website logo because I wanted to change it up. It looks like this now…⬇️

My website without dark mode looks like this…

I like how the black and grey work off of each other although the logo has white I think it still fits the overall theme thats all the editing for now until I get more inspiration for my site. I do now I will focus on current events for my site and discuss things in my life.






Today is the DAY I register a domain name after so much worrying I have settled on the domain name I think this is best domain for me because it’s a variation of my name. Also was taken but at least the one I settled on is similar to my ct101 username. Also by having my name as the domain site it will be more accessible for people to find me. I chose to end it in .net because .com is so common for every website.

I started by checking to see the availability of my domain which it was. I filled out the whole steps putting the code and making an account and activating it (don’t know why the quality is so weird).

After downloading wordpress I added my account and chose the twenty twenty one theme and made it a little normal by choosing a blue color and dark mode. After doing that I created a slogan, logo and an icon. They all contain my domain name JUANCAR1OS. I chose the slogan “Hey Keep Up” because of the things I will be posting and want people to interact and keep up to date with everything.

This is the icon of my site. ⬆️

This is the logo of my site. ⬆️


After watching the video which was quite helpful I had a new domain name and site that looked like this. I also created an email for the website to make it look official. It is JUANCAR1OS.BUSINESS.INFO@GMAIL.COM. Maybe one day I will use this email to answer any questions or concerns.

If you want to see the site press here -> JUANCAR1OS.NET.

It is not really finished but it looks normal for being made just a few minutes ago. It looks like this with time I hope I can improve it with the help of this class.

Thanks. BYE!

ASSIGNMENT #7: The name of the game- MY FIRST DOMAIN

I have never thought I would ever create a domain or a website which is crazy that I will. At first I didn’t understand what a domain was because I assumed it was a website but it isn’t. It’s basically the name of the URL of my website which people will type to access my site. Which again is so exciting and cool.

My website will be about me basically what I like, do and my schedule. I think it would be cool to discuss things that are happening in the world or in my life. It will kinda be like commentary and vlog about my life documenting what’s happening. It will be an open ended site because I want to do it all and not confine to one aspect. That’s why the internet was created so people can make anything they want.

I am excited that i will be a website owner because it will expand my knowledge on the internet. It can also lead to job opportunities which could help me become a successful tech person. I also want to learn how to create one so if a friend needs help I can be like an advisor and help them create a website or any tech related help.

I am a little scared I might not like the domain name I have to settle on. I am very indecisive so I might worry I won’t like it but I cannot think that way because I know I will do a good job. I’m also worry I will not understand how to keep up with this process of creating a website but with the help of Professors I know I can do it.

Two websites I am always on are Youtube and Instagram. I like Youtube because it is such a diverse website to see any type of video from anywhere. It also allows me to listen to music or catch up with daily events. Instagram is also a cool way to keep up to date with friends or just to see anything that is trending in the world right now. It is crazy that the internet can let me know about anything at any moment because of how expansive it is.

Now for a few domain names I would like to use are:– obviously my name because that way people don’t get to confused when finding my website.– i thought this was clever because I am creating the site to not be bored and interact with different people.– a variation of my name just in case .net is not available to claim.– I thought this was direct and straight to the point so people know something is happening all around them.– i kinda run out of creative juice but thought this was good because I just posted come read and see whats happening around us.

That’s all for today folks take care!

Assignment #6 – The Mid-Semester Assessment Post


So far I have done 5 assignment post which have been fun to make. I have had some rough bumps with a few but it’s cool that with these posts you can take your time and it’s your decision how you structure your idea.

My past posts have been:

  1. What on the Internet brings me JOY
  2. How a GIF/JIF can show my opinions with no spoken words!
  4. The Flexibility Project- Assignment 4

How am I doing in CT101?

so far I feel fine. I have been doing all my posts it doesn’t feel too overwhelming having to do different posts each week. It’s fun to learn how to become more in tune with the world of communications technology.

How many points have I earned so far and what grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

i believe I am at a solid B+ or above an 85 to be entirely honest with you guys. I have been up to date with all my posts. I am commenting on two of my classmates posts every week. I do not want to say an A because there is always room to improve your grade and work.

What have I learned and retained the most?

what has really stuck with me is the use of memes. I am now fully involved in the meme world. But other than that I would say I have become more experienced using giphy and have learned how to create gifs/ memes.

What new skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my weekly posts?

the skills i have developed is creating my first web page on which was really cool. I have never had any creative control in designing things on the web.  I was able to create my first page titled juancarlos which shows some stickers depicting things I like. Thanks to the help of creating memes I was able to create my first page.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

i assess my performance in terms of if I am doing what is asked and if I am also using enough gifs on my post. I need to have many gifs because they help to get my point across more than just using words.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

i now know how to create gifs. I am able to have more imagination in terms of expressing myself in these blog posts.

I do see my blog post expanding because I add new and cool memes to express my points. I also try not to stay stuck in old ways because I cannot improve living in the past. So far I am not missing assignments which is great because I do not want to be behind because it can be hard to catch up. I am responding to my classmates because it’s good to communicate and hear feedback on what I or them can do to improve. I don’t really participate during class time because I am more of an observer but I will try to communicate more to improve as as a student. So far everything in this class has been cool.



CREATIVITY has many definitions because it can be different for each person. For me it’s about finding something inside of yourself. It’s about taking a chance and finding if your originality can work with the world.

Immediacy is a word I had never heard before or maybe I forgot about it. After reading the definition I see it as a state of mind of doing things at this moment and not waiting for the right moment but of taking charge at this exact instance.

Intuition is all about knowing. That’s it, at least for me. When you’re in an important situation you use your intuition to try and get the best outcome for yourself.

If I were to rank them I would say your intuition goes first because you need to trust yourself first to do something. After deciding what’s best for you, you use your creativity to come up with cool and original ideas to display your imagination. Then immediacy goes third because you need to have your work, ideas or etc. done and shown in the moment.

Being ALIVE is something amazing to me because everyday I can wake up and have a chance to do something new and am able to experience the motions of existing. Even if I had one bad day being alive allows for a fresh start every new day.

I have never been crazy creative because I was never given a chance to explore on my own I was always told to follow a set outline. But all these assignments allow me to use gifs and memes to communicate better and use them in a creative manner. is such a cool idea and allows all its user to have creative freedom in their design. I have never seen such a place where I have total control in the layout unless I’m paying. When I first started it looked like this…⬇️

I only am creating one page called juancarlos for now because I am running out of my creativity juice. I wanted to do mine about my interest about what I watch, listen or do on the daily. This way it will allow for my classmates and professor get to know me better even if we’re online. At first it was a little confusing but it’s all about practicing more and more on it. It might not be the best but I know with time I will improve.





The Flexibility Project- Assignment 4

There are many things I want to try in this class. I am not the best of the best but when it comes down to trying, I try to give it my all.

When visiting DS106 Assignment Repository I found many options of what two projects to choose audio, web, video and many more. I found all these options a bit over whelming but confident enough to find projects that inspire me. When surfing around I found myself drawn to the video, web and mashup sections.

It was hard to only pick two but I settled on an assignment from the web section called “Guess The Story“. Which in summation is about using gifs to tell a story but only using fives images. Which I found interesting because I like to find memes and gifs and I know for a fact I can use them to tell a story which you the reader could guess at least I hope.

A second assignment I think I could possibly due but not 100 percent sure is from the Mashup section. It’s titled “Music and Imagery“. Like any person I like a good mashup but do not have the sufficient knowledge to do it fully well. For this assignment you have two take images from your favorite movie or show and blend them together. While also layering on top the sheet music of a song you like from your favorite show or movie.

I haven’t learned a lot of skills when it comes to editing apps. Not in any other class have I been asked to edit so first I feel I need to get comfortable with editing to first successfully do these projects in a good easy. A way I feel I am becoming more understanding of editing is creating gifs on Giphy. I uploaded the gifs or memes I created for this class on giphy on the channel called juanc4rlos.

I think we should do three major projects in this class. I think three is fair because the first one should show how you are as a creator and how far you can go from a beginner. The second one is to show how you improved over the work you did the first time. Lastly, the third is to show how far you progressed as a newbie to a more understanding student creator. Three is good because it allows students to use many different skills to become better. It also allows for students to not do many projects that can stress students and cause them to not want to do it.

Now let us get started with Project Number 1. I am a very visual person and can find any gif to convey emotions so let’s see if you can guess the story.







Ok that’s it. If you can guess comment below I feel it’s very obvious.




When I think of memes I think fun, creative expression or freedom. Memes are meant to be taken as jokes and not something super serious. Most people see memes as trivial or nonsensical because they offer no necessary information. But that isn’t the point, the point is to have a laugh in a humor less situation.

To me there is no point defining a meme as anything but if I have to it’s definitely a form or art. The way people are able to “notice that something is special, they’re the ones who are able to help bring it out into the context of the art world or the gallery world”(Art Zealous). As Bubu a meme artist stated he first made memes for friends to laugh but he created art with some convincing to make an exhibit. Art is for people to admire so who says meme can’t be admired like a Picasso or DaVinci.

As this photo illustrates art is subjective anything you pour your imagination deserves to be seen and enjoyed by the masses. Even the greatest art in the world is weird but so different from the rest you can’t help to admire it, that’s how I view memes because something that allows me to convey a joyful emotion is a great thing.

Memes are so simple yet amazing because it can unite people to a common feeling. In many words memes are art because “Art evolves using its moderate, and has continued to do this from the online age” sees memes as more than something people diss but how they can enjoy because of how they can be made so fast.

This a meme I found today which I whole heartedly agree with so much. Every time you find a moment of peace someone tries to ruin it. Kind of like when your parents call your name but never answer and make you look for them only to do something dumb. The way memes are able to make me chuckle shows how fun they can be and allow communication between people because I can DM it to a friend on IG. It will allow us to talk about other relatable stuff memes can illustrate just like these.

Now time for a MEME premier made by ME- JUAN CARLOS MEJIA


I created this meme because I was shocked that CT 101 was going to be fun and a creative class when most classes turn out to be boring with the work and lectures.

I created this meme because I feel like I have to sprint just to find good memes for my post because there are never enough to convey all my points across.


How a GIF/JIF can show my opinions with no spoken words!


The first day of CT 101 was a worrisome ride for me because I never heard of a Digital Storytelling class before. I thought I needed to be an expert on being a creator but have been suprised I am able to keep up. I am also happy to have a deaf professor because it gives me a new experience to learn from an expert in the field of the digital world.

When I learned about what we would be doing in CT 101 I became ecstatic. I understood all about the gif world already and how to create them on old editing video apps such as Inshot or Imovie. I felt refreshed that I could be more creative and didn’t have to follow a stone set of rules like other very stern classes.

When comparing CT 101 to my other classes I see no actual comparison in terms of fun. In this class I feel free to communicate with moving pictures there is no need for words or emotions. I can be able to find new ways to make my points fun or exciting so there not boring. While in other classes I have to investigate or do deep dives and stick to certain sources or be told I am wrong because I don’t understand something. While here I am free to express in any form I see fit.

I see so much potential in this class to be able to become a better creator. I can explore new ways to express my likes to this class in an interesting way. Plus there is always room to learn something new especially from a Professor who received more than 1.5 BILLION STREAMS.

Learning and using new internet skills has been so cool. I never knew how to hyperlink something before which is great because I can now send you directly to the link of new information. I am glad to add new internet skills to my resume of expertise because they help you to find jobs in the workforce.

That has been all of my opinions about this class. I hope they continue to be good because this is a great class.

What on the Internet brings me JOY


The internet is crazy but yet incredible.

As a young kid I have been amazed of what the internet can do. When I got my first phone I discovered the wondrous app YouTube. I mainly use it to listen to music because it has so many different genres available. I like to listen to slowed and reverb because it gives me a sense of nostalgia and serenity.


Not only can the internet provide me with a place to listen to music but a place that offers movie streaming services. One of my favorites is Prime Video. It has a lot of options for movies and tv shows. With exclusive original content including a new remake about the Lord of the Rings. So far I am watching Malcolm in the middle I recommend it for a good 2000’s throwback.

Another reason the internet brings me joy this week and mostly every other day is the school apps such as Mail, Blackboard and Cunyfirst. Each of these are valuable for school one for checking emails from professors, the other for viewing grades and starting homework and lastly Cunyfirst for adding important information to my school database. These apps allow me to be a good student every day by keeping up with necessary information.