Panoramic Storytelling…

When we first learned about panoramic storytelling in class and were given this assignment, I knew that it was my time to shine until reality set in as per usual. Though I didn’t have a specific story I wanted to tell with my pictures, I felt that it would come to me while working with a group of people. Based on my pictures below, I did not have a group of people. For a first-timer and many failed attempts, I feel like I did a pretty decent job if I do say so myself.

Well, what happened to your group of people you may be wondering. I’m glad you asked. let’s just call this… the story before the story.

Hmmm I wonder how I’m gonna take these pictures I thought to myself. Who’s gonna be in it? What story am I telling? I need a big space for movement obviously. Okay, I got it. I’ll just ask my friends if they wanna hang out Tuesday after class so they could help me with my project. Luckily, they all agreed and when Tuesday came I never felt more ready to take pictures despite my hands always shaking. Long story short, we did not take the pictures but got burritos instead…

Now time for the actual story…

I call it Posh Parker 

Ever since he was a kid, Eli hated the park. But it wasn’t the park alone, it was anything nature-related. He just couldn’t stand it. The bugs, the grass, the trees, and especially smelling like outside. One day Eli woke up feeling…different. The good kind though. He felt as if he was being too picky about certain things in life. So that maybe if he weren’t, he could enjoy more things. The first thing that came to mind was the park because why not? It was a Friday afternoon so kids were still in school-leaving it empty and a great place for some quiet time, peace of mind, and some soul searching. I wanna see what all the hype is about. Literally, everyone goes to the park-old people, toddlers, teenagers, even adults. Maybe there’s something I’m missing Eli thought. So to the park he went.

What do people even do here Eli thought while standing by the swings in an awkward position unsure of what to do with himself. I guess ill sit down he mumbles to himself and made his way onto the swings. Sure, the weather was nice and it was quiet but it just wasn’t for him. Maybe ill try walking around. On the concrete of course. Eli made his way off the swings and into the main section of the park. He walked around for a bit looking around until he found himself by a tree. Maybe if I hug the tree, I’ll feel more connected to nature. So he did exactly that. As uncomfortable as it was, Eli hugged the tree and it was at that moment he realized that both the park and nature were not for him. 

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  1. Great post!
    Great use of supporting media to tell this story, it is in harmony with the assignment and shows your storytelling skills!
    Please double check the formatting of your images, perhaps using “no alignment” for the images will sync them in flow :))))

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