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I always knew this day would come, never did I think it would be so soon. The last day of class was so shocking I didn’t even realize that the end had come. But all good things must come to an end. So! In terms of celebrating what I have learnt this semester, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Insert follow me gif *

Ahhh such an amuteur!! My first post ladies and gentlemen (if you couldnt already tell) Looking back at this I can just tell I had no idea what I was doing but as always we all have to start somewhere..

I for one came from a very humble beginning but just as any other journey it  gets better.

As I said it gets better!! I really put alot into this post. I feel like I wanted to do better. I wanted to show off that I too can put into practice what I learnt. I received alot of feedback on this post as to how I can make it better and I think that’s why I’m proud of this post.

I definitely will start to make my own memes:) Here is a look at the memes I learnt how to make. If you had told me that I in 2024 would be making memes as a class assignment I would have laughed in your face. But I did and I found pleasure in doing it and showcasing my somewhat sense of humor.

I don’t think ive ever written about my passion, much less written a blog about it. But ofc in CT101 I did, his post came naturally and easy for me hence why it’s so well put together. Skating boarding has my heart and so does this post.

Who is she and what have you done to the old Renika!? I got really creative with this one, the adventure narrative was so good and it flowed so well. I was absolutely proud of this post like WOW GIRL!!

If anyone ever ask me, “Renika what’s the realest post youve ever made?” I will definitely be pulling this up. The vulnerability and accountability in this post is very real but when given an opportunity to express it in a fun easy going environment it makes it ten times better. This was a great post.

In this post I incorporated all the tools I have learnt so far just to give a quick easy but in debt post about the website formation. I think this was simple and nice.

First off shout out to Professor Seslow!!! I couldn’t have done this without his zoom tutorial so thank you a million times! I was at first scared to do this because I was overthinking the process but with the help of the zoom recording I was able to walk through the process with ease and gathering my evidence was easier than I had anticipated. It was a good post, love it.

I think over All with everything I might have a B-

What did you enjoy about our class and how will you apply your new skills into the world?

I really enjoyed the fun learning and how it catered to this generation and technology and social media. I will be applying these skills to my social media posting and my website blogging.

You learned how to build a website, will you maintain and keep up your new website? If so, how? If not, Why not?

I will be maintaining and keeping the website by posting blogs ever so often, maybe my adventures this summer.


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