Final Reflection

Other than learning how to make gifs and creating my website, what I truly got out of CT 101 was my narration of storytelling. At the beginning of the class, I was merely answering the questions asked by the professor in the same format he asked them. For example, if the professor asked the questions “How do you feel about this assignment?” and “How are you going to apply what you learned from the last assignment to the next?”, I would answer his questions by saying “1. I felt that this assignment…” and “2. I am going to apply what I learned from the last assignment to the next by…”. Even though I would be answering the questions, there would be no storytelling going on- just me answering questions. Once the professor told me this and I realized the difference, the changes made my posts better by having an increase of engagement with others. 


I enjoyed the part in the semester where we got to choose what assignment from the DS106 Assignment Repository we wanted to do. There were so many options to choose from and many of them were interesting. Though I am not advanced for some of the choices such as using Photoshop, all of those assignments had unique purposes. Therefore, skills are required to bring these assignments to life. That is why I can see myself using the skills I have now because of this class, outside of this class by creating my projects to monetize from and promote my capabilities to gain attraction.


This is why I plan on maintaining my website. The website gave me a push to be a part of social media (even if there is no face attached to it) in a positive way. I want to keep uploading blogs and discover new topics to write about. And especially since I am graduating this semester, there is no need for me to waste time. I can implement what I know from CT 101 and gradually learn to keep my site engaging, interesting, and relevant.


Though my domain name was different from how I wanted my website to be, I am glad that I made my website the way it is. At first, my domain name was to sell crochet pieces. After realizing how difficult that would be, I decided to do something else that I have been wanting to do. That would be having my blog site. Therefore, I used this opportunity to do so, even though I do not have the domain name to match. I know that the coupon we used to register gave us access for free to create the domain name, so maybe I will continue my website somewhere else so that I do not have to pay.


(The above image was the 2017 theme originally)

The website I ended up creating, starts with the welcome page giving a brief background about who I am and why the website was created. Then I have a list of topics that will be talked about on my site. I wrote two blogs about two of the topics, followed by my contact information and soon-to-be contact information. My site ( does not look like much but I spent so much time on it. The frustrations I had were that what I wrote was not being seen on the website, as if it were hidden. I spent so much time retrieving information and going back and forth to make sure information was present. Another frustration I had was that there was no edit button to remove the photos on certain parts of the site. I wanted to replace those photos but since there was no option with the theme I chose (2017), I found a way to remove them completely. Overall, building the website was not a bad experience. I would say patience is needed. 


I feel as if I deserve at least an A because even though as of recently I have been slacking off (such as in handing homework at a later date compared to when I would usually hand the assignments in), I always hand in homework and make sure they are of quality. 

3 thoughts on “Final Reflection”

  1. Thank you!
    Great work this semester!
    Your website is looking great and Im glad you were able to resolve the issues with it.
    You can always make a new site for your art and crochet work, now you have the skills!
    Have a great summer!

    1. Thank you and I hope you have a great summer also! Do you have suggestions on where I can make another website for free? Lastly, thank you for a wonderful semester and for being understanding and patient.

      1. Thank you so much! Yes, you can use – its free, but they will put some ads on your site – is also free and will also put ads on the site – the reclaim hosting sites that we have are good for 1 year so you are welcome to keep working there – when the hosting expires I believe it is $45 for the year, its worth it, as the ads on the free-ware can be a lil annoying 🙂 – have a great summer as well! Thank you!

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