Final Blog Post

Final Blog Post

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This class has been a mix of new experiences for me. I learned how to make an effective blog post, create memes, create Gifs, and create/customize a website. I learned how to blog about things I care about, like what makes me happy on the internet, and I went through the process of choosing a strong domain name for my website.

What Grade Do You Deserve?

While I wasn’t the best student, I believe that I should get a B grade in the class.

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Throughout the semester, I made sure to complete my work as best as possible, and as close to on time as was possible for me. While not all my assignments were handed in on time, I made sure to not let the assignments stack up too much so that I can manage, and so that the professor could grade them at a comfortable pace.

While I do admit I missed some assignments, and I was absent to class a few times, I showed up to the classes that I could come to, making sure to stay behind during lab hours to reply to other student’s blog posts and respond to comments.

What did you enjoy about our class and how will you apply your new skills into the world?

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This class was a breath of fresh air for me compared to the classes I had before. While my music classes were always fun for me, classes that were outside of this subject always drained my energy and stressed me out. However, CT101 broke this trend. I was able to relax since assignments did not have hard deadlines, as long as you kept track of your assignments and did not try to do all of them last minute.

In addition, the class was fun to attend, the professor providing a light atmosphere for students, and showing a bit more understanding to the students’ nature than other professors I had.

While I do not have a clear idea of how I will use the newly acquired skills moving forward, I now have an easier time with content creating. I will now be able to bust out ideas quicker and I can probably try to continue the website.

You learned how to build a website, will you maintain and keep up your new website?

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I am not too sure if I will continue to maintain my website. While I like having the website as an easy way to copyright my creations, the cost of maintaining a website may not be something I am willing to pay right now.

On the one side, while it’s a great tool to post everything I want to about music, whether it be my performances or my musical creations, I am not exactly sure how much it will cost to keep the website running, and if the benefits outweigh the cost of maintaining it right now.

New Website: Chromediant

So, the name of my website is Chromediant. The name comes from a music theory term called Chromatic Mediants. While I did find some domain names that did not combine any words, I felt like this was the best way to get a unique domain name. Not only would it be a term that most people do not know, since it’s music theory, but it will also be unused since the name comes from combining the two words.

This is the home page for my website. Unlike the usual black words with a white background page, I use the opposite. I used the twenty-sixteen theme and chose this color scheme to represent the white and black keys on a piano.
The front-page blog is a short description of what you will find on this website.
The background photo is an artistic picture of written music notation on a staff.
Ideally, I wanted this picture to replace the black background in the home page, however, I could not get this to work. As a result, I opted for the next best thing, using the image as a background to the black background.
For the main page header picture, I simply used shade piano art since piano is the instrument I play and am proficient at.
Also on the front page, I have pictures of my inspirations for playing piano and making music. Each picture is hyperlinked to the artist’s website, or the wiki page about them.
For my menus, I made a menu for Performances, where I review performances and/or post performances I did and what inspired it. So far, I have a performance of myself playing Solar and Tea for Two from my senior recital.
The last menu I have is menu I have right now is my Blog menu. It was meant to just be a menu where I put discoveries of new techniques/concepts I am applying in my music, my thoughts on different parts of music theory, and my thoughts on songs I listen to.

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One thing I am very disappointed in is that, unfortunately, I was unable to get background music to work on my website. When I looked at some YouTube videos telling me what I need to do, the plugin I was supposed to download messed with the theme of my website, forcing me to start over with my theme and widgets.


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