Final Blog – CT101 Final Blog Post/Aiden Ramsawak

As this semester draws closer, I reflect on the stark contrast between this class and my other academic pursuits. While I may not have performed to the best of my abilities, this class has been a welcome respite from the chaos of my other courses, including a challenging algebra class and a philosophy course with an average professor, not to mention a demanding lecture and lab class. 

I have not been on top of my assignments as well as I could or should’ve been. However, I have been enjoying this class, and I have pushed to do my best in my current condition. I would take a B in class because I know I don’t deserve an A. I have worked on this website for hours without eating anything, so I am hoping for a B, but I’ll leave it up to the professor.

I have fallen in love with the freedom this class has offered me. I have also enjoyed seeing so many people unite and just let loose.

One thing I can say for certain is that the website-building skills I have learned will definitely come in handy. I plan on creating another website for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign in the future. Besides that, I put my passion into the website I’ve created now so that I will nurture that.

Assignment #1 – Internet Happiness

Assignment #2 – First Day of CT 101

Assignment #3 – What are memes?

Assignment #4 – Passion

Assignment #5 – Digital Storytelling Project

Assignment #6 – Semester Reflection

Assignment #7 – This is MY DOMAIN… 😉

Assignment #9 – Reclaim Hosting

Assignment #10 – NovelVoyage

Check out my website guys – NovelVoyage – Start your Voyage

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