Assignment 3

Are Internet Memes ART? 

Yes memes are a form of art that’s because memes can come in many different forms and art is so important.

Art is a way that we can express ourselves it’s a way for us to show who we truly are and a way to show our creativity. Art is so important to our society as well because Art means something to people it means a lot to those who love to express themselves.

Memes are a way for us to express ourselves it’s a way we can connect and have a nice laugh. Some people don’t understand others humor and it can be difficult to have people understand you but with memes they get shared all over the internet and it brings people together this piece of media is so important and it’s a form of art.

These next three memes are some of my favorite memes out there.

Memes can tell a story an example of that would be the ones I posted above it shows a pokemon being swept away in water being completely fine with that a short story it shows everyone else’s reaction than his saying this is fine. It’s funny and tells a funny short little story.

Some memes I have made for this class are:

Trump on Rocky's Body meme

Skeptical Dog meme\

These were three memes I decided to make but it shows how memes tell a story these three memes all tell a story. So lets get out there and make some memes.

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  1. Great work and great MEME selections!
    Be sure to reference the essays in the blog post assignment criteria and always add a hyperlink and video or two!

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