Assignment 11-The Final Post

We have made it to the end I just wanted to say thank you so much Professor Ryan for everything you taught us and everything we talked about. The conversations in class and your funny jokes will be missed and I can’t wait to see you again in another class. I truly loved and enjoyed this class I loved learning how to make fun blog posts and how to make stories with only memes thanks giphy 🙂

I also wanted to say thank you to you guys for even taking the time to read these posts I made I mean I don’t know how many were actually read but I know I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts I also want to apologize to the people that send me comments but I never answered I just wanted to say you are appreciated.

I truly wish I would have had the time to give this class the attention it truly deserved but I do feel like I will come back once and a while and just post random stuff for fun because I would love to take advantage of the site our wonderful creative professor introduced us to. I also know that I want to do something with my domain website I will do something better than what you all saw and when I do I’ll come back here and post it. For now, just click the hyperlink I have there and check out what I have. Take everyone it was wonderful to be in the same class as all of you and hopefully, if we see each other on campus let’s talk regardless it was an amazing class farewell, everyone. HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER!!!


Assignment 10- The Website

Finally, I have made my website I wasn’t sure how to go about it and if I am being honest I am not too proud of what I have but something is better than nothing. So let’s start.

I am starting with blogs and truly immersing the mushroom cat character I want to add more to it but I am still figuring out how the website works.
I tried to make it fun as simple and bland as it looks but I wanted to add something like socials so people can feel like let’s see what this buff cat gets up to. Then the link that would show would be the adventures mushroom cat goes on. The recommendations would be a link where people can interact with him and every other day the question would change so he can interact more with his followers.
This part would change frequently or be added showing places where he goes and showing beautiful sites that people can take in hoping that others could do the exact same thing as him go out in the world and explore.
This final part would be random posts that he feels he would want to talk about. I decided to talk about the 3DS since mushroom cat is an amazing pro gamer. That’s all I did I hope it was enjoyable if am being honest I tried with the time I had left which I know isn’t excusable but I did my best. Other than that I truly loved this topic and most def will be playing around with the website on my own time. Now we have reached the end game next post will be the final one. See you guys there.

Assignment 9- Mushroom Cats Domain

You all know that I decided on my domains name but now it was time time to start actually making the domain itself. To be honest I have no idea what I want to do with my domain but for now, I think that I am going to use it as a space where I can put things that I like or just a place where people can come together and feel like a community.

It was a pretty simple process to start making the domain itself I am excited to see what I can get so let’s get right to it and GET THIS STARTED. LETS GET BUFFMUSHCAT INTO BUSSINESS.

Assignment 8- Domain Name

When I heard we were making our own domains at first I was wondering what to do what to do???  but It came to me immediately I knew what I wanted to do you guys are most likely wondering as well if it came to him that fast what could it be?? COME ON NOW

So to start off I want to start from the beginning and explain myself. I was playing Roblox with my best friend we were on a Discord call and we were just chatting it up like normal. I decided I wanted to make a stupid funny-looking avatar so we went into this game where you can choose outfits for your avatar and then buy them if you would like to.

While I was choosing my character’s look I ended up with a buff cat wearing a mushroom hat and a shirt that has a cute duck holding a knife. I decided to call him Mushroom Cat and ever since he’s been my mascot in a way the pfp I have on this website is Mushroom Cat. My online friend from south Africa made it for me and I’ve used it ever since.

The character you are seeing here is MUSHROOM CAT. This is why I decided with my domain name as BuffMushCat only because somehow Mushroomcat was taken I won’t lie it’s got me salty but IT’S OKAY I GUESS I still like BuffMushCat it’s funny. Alright that’s all for now



Assignment 7- The MID- Semester Reflection Post

Hey everyone welcome back we have made it to the MIDDLE of the semester. Okay, we actually already passed the middle of the semester by the time I am writing this we actually have arrived by the end of the semester. If I am being honest this semester was really stressful not just with school work but also because of my personal life I won’t get into it due to being personal but damn it’s been a stressful few months. In the end, things seem better so that makes me feel more calm.

Let’s get into other things instead of all this sad stuff. Recently the 3DS eShop shut down made me sad funny enough I actually made an entire video about it asking some york students how they felt took me a while to edit the video but I got to it.  The video was for one of my Journalism classes and I am pretty proud of how it turned out in the end. If anyone is interested I can most def send it idk how comfortable I feel posting it here just because the parts I am in make me cringe a bit I was never a fan of watching myself. For any gamers out there though let’s give a moment of silence for the amazing 3DS eshop. You shall be missed. ]

That’s all I have for now especially since it’s the last day for me to post all of these blog posts. I will see you guys in the next one.

Assignment 6- Digital Intimacy

It is time to get creative. When I first heard about this project I was excited I thought making a collage should be fun I could just merge everything I that I think is fun all together SOOO let’s get right into it lets’s see what I did.

I decided to do these topics because they are what I enjoy they make me happy it’s just a simple collage of what I like. I do think that this topic was really fun I really enjoyed doing this topic because it felt nice and simple and just seeing most of what I like smashed all together in a nice little collage feels good to see.

Here is the link if you guys wanna see my collage. For now, that’s it until next time.




Assignment 5: DS106 Assignment Bank


Clickbait has it gone too far??? I was struggling with what topic to really talk about for this assignment in the end I enjoyed it and had fun. I got this idea actually from my girlfriend she decided to help me and thought it would be a fun idea so why not let’s talk about clickbait?

At first, I was confused about how the website worked but I found the writing assignment section and saw many other people’s ideas and they were all interesting I liked the format that they all used.

I first went to youtube to look at random thumbnails and I found some interesting ones like these ones.

Some of these thumbnails are weird thumbnails it just shows that click-baiting has gone far I mean come on why fake that you got your girlfriend pregnant it’s just for views and just weird. The face that he puts for himself in the thumbnail as well is so stupid.

This is what I mean by click-baiting has gone too far. Since I keep talking about it should probably show you guys what I did for this assignment.

I hope it shows well but this is my assignment I put that as the title to be funny but as well to show an example of what actually ends up happening on youtube you will find titles like that. The picture was meant to represent the funny thumbnails that you see on youtube.

Just to be safe if you guys are interested in what I wrote here is the link to my post.

Another assignment I wanted to do was Photoshop I thought it would be fun to have this character that I created and photoshop him in an image like the mona lisa. Hopefully on another post, I get to make that idea a reality.

Until next time everyone.

Assignment 4: My Passions

Some of my favorite things I love to do is play video games with my friends i also love to watch anime and other well known tv shows as well. Let’s get into the stuff I like.

Video games were also part of my life ever since I was young my first ever console was a Gameboy Advanced SP my uncle got it for me I remember playing it so much as a kid the only game I had was this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game which I was never able to beat. I recently started it again only problem is my save file doesn’t save so if I wanna play the game I have to beat it in one run. Besides that I play PC games now and console games but it’s crazy to see how much Video games have advanced over the years.

Anime has also been part of my life since I was young I started off with Pokemon and Naruto ever since from them I have discovered so many Anime’s and it’s something that will never change from me. I learned a lot of life lessons from anime as well. Especially from Naruto.

Something else I really enjoy is music from different genres like K-pop J-Pop, Rap and Pop as well as Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock and etc I am very open to different kinds of music it’s one of my favorite hobby’s to listen to some music while playing games and doing work.


Assignment 3

Are Internet Memes ART? 

Yes memes are a form of art that’s because memes can come in many different forms and art is so important.

Art is a way that we can express ourselves it’s a way for us to show who we truly are and a way to show our creativity. Art is so important to our society as well because Art means something to people it means a lot to those who love to express themselves.

Memes are a way for us to express ourselves it’s a way we can connect and have a nice laugh. Some people don’t understand others humor and it can be difficult to have people understand you but with memes they get shared all over the internet and it brings people together this piece of media is so important and it’s a form of art.

These next three memes are some of my favorite memes out there.

Memes can tell a story an example of that would be the ones I posted above it shows a pokemon being swept away in water being completely fine with that a short story it shows everyone else’s reaction than his saying this is fine. It’s funny and tells a funny short little story.

Some memes I have made for this class are:

Trump on Rocky's Body meme

Skeptical Dog meme\

These were three memes I decided to make but it shows how memes tell a story these three memes all tell a story. So lets get out there and make some memes.

Assignment 2- GIF Post

What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

The first day of the CT101 class I was feeling excited about it because it is one of first Ct classes and I also had a friend that also took the class before and I was told it is a fun class. So far that is all true and I am excited to see what other stuff we will do in class.

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

The course and it’s creative content made me feel excited because I get to be creative in this class and expressive how I feel in a fun way. I get to show my interests and it just sounds like a fun exciting class overall.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes so far?

CT 101 does not compare to the creativity my other classes have most of my other classes are Journalism or CT classes. My Journalism classes they are creative but it’s news based and follow a format. My other CT class is Hacking and Building and we haven’t done much other then making a Collage that I believe will become something more important that’s fun and creative. I just think CT 101 is completely different I mean come on we can make an entire story based of Gifs and Memes now that sounds great.


What are the creative potentials of this class?

The creative potentials in this class are endless there is so much we can do and think of that is whats so exciting about this class.

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

I feel excited about learning new skills I can’t wait to make memes of my own as bad as they will be it will be exciting to make some memes and making story’s out of them. I am ready for this class.

Assignment 1- What Makes Me Happy On the Internet?

This week what has made me happy on the internet is Finding out that one of my longest favorite Youtubers is entering a new era of his life he is becoming a father. Pewdiepie is someone I have watched as long as I can remember and just seeing him grow from a teenager to a grown man has been really inspiring he has impacted my life very much. Congratulations Pewdiepie (Aka Felix Kjellberg). Can’t wait to see this next chapter of his life.

In other news, something else that has made me happy is Big Time Rush made a comeback back when I was a kid I would love listening to their music and watching their tv show on Nickelodeon. I have very good memories with those guys so seeing them come back together and going on tour again has made me really happy.

Finally, after so many years DC is finally getting what they deserve they are finally in the right hands. I remember being in middle school being the biggest DC fan and always defending them even though I knew marvel was doing better I have always loved Marvel but DC has a special place in my heart. Seeing how James Gunn has a plan for the future of DC studios is very exciting and I will be there to see what Mr. Gunn has in store for DC studios.

Staying in the comic realm Marvel is coming out with their first Phase 5 film with Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania. I’m excited about it Phase 4 wasn’t terrible had good films but also okay films still excited to see the future of Marvel and what they have planned with their future movies so I will be checking this film out.