Feedback on other classmates website!

When I first worked on my website, I wanted to try out a few things and share on here. The first thing that I wanted to share was the interesting scientific facts on my website. The process was very smooth and I loved every part of working on the content.

Next, I started going through a few of my classmates website. I loved checking out some of those websites and found them super intriguing and exciting to check out. I personally loved the fact that everyone was doing a great job with their customized website.

The first website that really caught my eyes was Anju Anthony’s website, I really liked how she displayed some of the most interesting scientific blogs. I am also very into scientific blogs, therefore her website was very interesting to me.

I also loved Maria’s website. She added pictures of New York to her website and it is always so interesting to see NY pictures! I loved all the pictures that she added.

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