DS 106 Assignment

The DS 106 assignment surely looks very fun! After researching a variety of the assignment posts, I decided to go with a fanfic assignment. In this assignment, I have the opportunity of changing the ending of a book or show which did not go as we planned.

This is definitely an interesting one. I have so many ideas in my head of which I can use for this assignment but I thought this will be perfect. If you have watched “How I Met Your Mom”, this is a very interesting story and I loved the show from the very beginning. However, the ending was not as expected as the main two best friends  of the show ended up together, instead of that if they would have remained friends, it would make more sense.  However, opinions may vary, but I thought this could be an alternate of the story!

CT 101 Final Blog Post

Before writing about anything else, I want to thank Professor Ryan Seslow for making this course so fun and entertaining! I also want to thank him for all the hard work and support he has for students. Now, I will continue sharing my part of the post,

I will be graduating this semester and I can surely say that CT 101 has been one of those courses that I enjoyed from the very first day of classes. It also has been one of the most hard semester in terms of everything being virtual and some issues. However, I have throughly enjoyed the qualitative content of this class. In my other classes, I would just come and complete the assignments. On the other hand, in this class, I used to look forward to come to the class. I always have loved attending the class learning new exciting materials in this class.

The fact that I worked on my website and published a blog post was a very interesting process for me. Overall, I am just really happy that I was able to attend this class and learn some new techniques about Digital Storytelling. It surely has been one of the most fascinating experiences for me. I will also make sure to come back to the materials of the classes to review some of the contents again!

I learnt about new technologies, editing tools, photoshop and using creative ideas. I will make sure to keep up to date with all these learnt experiences in the future as well.

Will you maintain and keep up your new website? If so, how? If not, Why not?

I will definitely keep my new website up to date. I will make sure to add new content on my website to present this. I have some projects that I want to add on my website and I will try to continue adding new materials to the website as well. I am super excited to work on this!

I will also continue to miss this class, as this was one of the most fun classes I had ever taken. The fact that I took this class in my last semester makes me happy that I received the opportunity to learn new skills.

I had fun working on my website, here is a virtual tour of my website:

My website link: http://nafisatabassum.com/

In Home, I will be sharing my experiences with technology and also some scientific facts. My internship blog post: http://nafisatabassum.com/uncategorized/about-nafisa-tabassum/

Scientific facts: http://nafisatabassum.com/uncategorized/scientific-facts/

I also have added an about me page where I have introduced myself with my previous experiences: http://nafisatabassum.com/about/

I also have a contact section on my website where I have linked my Linkedin profile. I will make sure to add new contents to this website.

Feedback on other classmates website!

When I first worked on my website, I wanted to try out a few things and share on here. The first thing that I wanted to share was the interesting scientific facts on my website. The process was very smooth and I loved every part of working on the content.

Next, I started going through a few of my classmates website. I loved checking out some of those websites and found them super intriguing and exciting to check out. I personally loved the fact that everyone was doing a great job with their customized website.

The first website that really caught my eyes was Anju Anthony’s website, https://iamanju.com/ I really liked how she displayed some of the most interesting scientific blogs. I am also very into scientific blogs, therefore her website was very interesting to me.

I also loved Maria’s website. http://eyeconicny.com/ She added pictures of New York to her website and it is always so interesting to see NY pictures! I loved all the pictures that she added.


Copyright is basically a way of using protecting the content of the original author which also helps to uplift the originality of the author’s work. However, The copyright is definitely a major issue if it is done in the intention of stealing others work. Copyright is a very common thing now a days since a lot of people share content of others on websites, youtube, and other social medias. For example, a person can choose to use a person’s writing, but if there’s copyright in the person’s work the work has to be acknowledged.

From the Ted Talk by Larry Lessig, he does a great job of explaining how we are using the copyright in our day to day life. He says, “It’s a culture where people participate in the creation and the re-creation of their culture” which is ultimately in the context of the copyright culture.


Registering my own domain name and Web hosting

First of all, I was very excited to work on this and to register my domain name 😀 It was a very interesting process to lear about. I would say registering my own domain name was a very easy process overall. When I first started, I watched the recorded video provided by the Professor to not miss any step. The step by step process was very helpful in terms of setting up my own domain name. 😃

The website name that I chose was basically my name. I wanted to use my name because I can later use it as well for promoting my projects on the website. The overall idea of building a website is pretty intriguing. I learnt a lot about website hosting through this process.

After the end of this course, I want to keep using my website. I will also list my personal computer science projects on the website to make it more visible to the recruiters. I also want to work with the specific of the website such as adding HTML/CSS to the website.

After a lot of deciding over names, I finally decided to go with nafisatabassum.com for my domain name. I really like that I can use my website even after the course is over! 😀 This is such a cool experience overall.

Mid – Semester Post



How am I doing in CT101? 

CT 101 has been very interesting for me. I actually believe that I am doing well in CT 101, I really enjoy this class quite a lot and I am learning so many new things in class. I assumed this class would be tough, however after attending a few lectures, I started having fun with the contents of this class. I look forward to working on the website. I am looking forward to getting an A in this class since this is one of the classes I have really enjoy attending. I also have tried to complete the assignments with enthusiasm even if a bit late at times! :p

What have I learned? What skills have I developed, cultivated and displayed regularly? 

The materials and assignments of this class are very engaging. I learnt about blog posting from this class. I also learnt how to brainstorm different ideas and make those changes in my blog posts. The most exciting part was creating new ideas and names for the domain that I am about to use. I also have learnt the use of memes/ gifs to convey the thoughts I have in my blog posts. I believe this class has helped me learn so many new and amazing things. I hope to learn more in the future as well.

How does this contribute to my weekly progress? How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

My weekly progress will be on how much content I am reading and learning from this class. I have missed 1/2 assignments but managed to post them later. I think one of the helpful things in this class is to have this flexibility to work on assignments later as well. 

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

I have been using gifs and memes in social media. However, the creative nature of this class allowed me to create my own gifs and memes for my blog posts. I also did not know a lot about creating websites, therefore it will be a fun journey to learn that through this class. 

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

I obviously see my weekly blogging getting more creative day by day. I feel fortunate that I am being given the chance to create contents for this class which I thoroughly enjoy. Even though my blog posts tend to look a bit alike, I try my best to change it every week. I feel the best way to do that is to think about the blog posts for a while. I am looking forward to the next assignments and finishing this semester strong!


Website ideas

The idea of having my own website surely is very exciting. I would like my website to be reflective of who I am as a person and my interests. Some of my interests are:

Traveling: I like to travel a lot and I believe that traveling allows to broaden one’s mindset on so many things!

Coding: Since I am majoring in Computer Science, I also have to code a lot. I would love to add my personal projects to my website.

Exploring New York: I also love to explore different areas of New York! Therefore it is one of my wishes to have a website where I can publish my most favorite places of New York.

Therefore, Keeping in mind my interest list, the list of website names that I would like to use are:

1. nafisatabassum

2. nafisacodes

3. blogsbynafisa

4. NYexplorewithNafisa

5. travelwithnafisa

Are Memes considered art?

For me, Memes has always been a great way to cheer myself up. I send memes to my friends as well and that definitely is a great way for me to laugh and relax. I believe that Memes gives us the option to be cheerful and happy amongst the tough times.

Obviously CT  has been one of my favorite class because of the creative content creation, so here are my thoughts about it through a meme:

This is another one of my favorite memes, trying to watch my favorite shows but there are always assignments to complete:

During my regular semester, it is very rare to have free time, and then when I have more than enough free time left, so I get suspicious 😛

This is a common occurrence before classes and meetings, I find it funny and thought of making this meme:

I like this meme because of how relatable the content is:

These are my thoughts every night and loved the content as well:

This one is very funny as well:

Made my first GIF post!

I am graduating in may of 2021! Spring 2021 is my last semester at York College. Since I had some options to take elective courses, I chose CT101 and loving the contents of this class.

This semester, I enrolled in some interesting courses. CT 101 was definitely one of the course that I look forward to attending every week. When I was looking for fun courses to take this semester, I was like this:

Looking for something

Then when attending the first class of CT 101 this semester, I discovered that this class is more fun than what I had imagined. I throughly enjoyed the first lecture given by Professor Ryan Seslow.

This is how I felt during the first lecture of CT 101 and I throughly enjoyed each part of it. I am learning new and entertaining things each week and this is truly fascinating.

When Professor Seslow teaches a topic I am very interested about, I am like:

Compared to my other classes, CT101 is obviously very fun and enjoyable. The class work is the most fun part of this class. I enjoy working on every single assignment. The fact that I am using gifs and memes to express my emotions is the best part of this class. I am looking forward to learning about all the interesting lessons in this class.


What makes Nafisa happy on the Internet?

My name is Nafisa Tabassum and I am super excited for this course and assignment! I want to share some fun gifs and youtube videos that I found really funny on the internet.


The internet has been a great way for me to learn new skills and enhance my knowledge. I browse the internet because somehow the curiosity pushes me through to use it more often. I am not super active on all the social media but I use Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and enjoy the posts. The internet is undoubtedly a happy place for me because I find different music choices from here. Recently I have been listening to a Malaysian singer on Youtube and I really enjoy the songs. This is one of the songs I have been listening quite a lot:

Here’s another fun video that I found really funny from “The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon”. The interview was with Benedict Cumberbatch! Here is it:

I also have been working part time since last semester and here are some gif’s that I found relatable and funny: