Mid Semester Reflection

During my time in CT 101, I learned how to create gifs and memes and I enjoyed using them in my personal life, especially when I have a conversation with a friend and I can snap a quick video and turn it into a gif for all of us to enjoy or a meme. It has been the talking point in many of my friend groups, I have also taught my friends how to do the same. Another skill, in the beginning, I must admit I wasn’t so excited about is blogging, since, in my major all we do is read a textbook but after creating my website I was able to really get myself excited about writing again.

I feel that my strengths are creating memes/ gifs and I need to focus my efforts on trying to create a story with my blogs because I’m a very formal writer, it’s hard to write a blog about myself and my thoughts.  I mostly stick to the facts and write in an essay form but I am improving that aspect of my writing.

As mention before, I struggled with the aspect of speaking creatively in my own authentic voice but becoming a blogger has taught me that maybe I was afraid of voicing my opinion because I didn’t want to be called out for being wrong. For example, from my first blog post to now I feel that I have been trying to be more authentic with my writing.

Top three favorite blog post, 

https://ct101.commons.gc.cuny.edu/the-internet-is-…n-of-information/ ‎


https://ct101.commons.gc.cuny.edu/are-memes-art-8/ ‎

I feel that I have earned an A because although I’m not the best at the creative part of the assignments, I do respect the class and I do my assignment in timely. Most importantly, I can feel as a writer I am growing and becoming more serious about blogging. An example is my website started off as a Mystery Murder website that allowed users to tune into ghost stories and unsolved mysteries. I was excited to create this website and to stand out but I often found myself puzzled when creating blog posts. I had some sort of writer’s block. So, after sitting with the concept for a few weeks, I finally decided that I wanted to change the concept altogether. After doing so, I found myself happier with my new concept about how to save money. SO, I PRESENT MY NEW WEBSITE, https://simplypsycho.com

Thank you for reading my post!

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  1. Excellent work!
    A fine example with specific details of your progress and evolution! An A has easily been earned at this point of the semester! Thank you so much for the continued hard work!

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