Final Blog Post

Unfortunately, it’s time to say our goodbyes. This class was like a breath of fresh air, it allowed my mind to be free to explore different forms of art. Who knew that Gifs would be so easy to make! This class taught me how to be a stronger writer and to explore different forms of writing. On the first day, I was hesitant about the class, like I always mention, I’M A MARKETING MAJOR, we are all textbook and numbers, I felt this class was so different than anything I experience in college.


Recap to my first blog post, I was writing about my favorite place on the internet, I expressed my love for newsletters and how I love the internet for looking up ridiculous questions. For me, it’s about having the information at your fingertips. That’s when it started, my appreciation for the things I never took the minute to think about.

One of the milestones that we passed as a class is learning how to create Gifs. This allowed us to express ourselves in images rather than words.  I really enjoyed this part of the class because I like using this as an outlet to communicate with my friends. But in a serious way, I see a lot of opportunities with using gifs to connect with younger audiences about a product or service.


I feel that I have earned an A because although I’m not the best at the creative part of the assignments, I do respect the class and I do my assignment in a timely. Most importantly, I can feel as a writer I am growing and becoming more serious about blogging. An example is my website started off as a Mystery Murder website that allowed users to tune into ghost stories and unsolved mysteries. I was excited to create this website and to stand out but I often found myself puzzled when creating blog posts. I had some sort of writer’s block. So, after sitting with the concept for a few weeks, I finally decided that I wanted to change the concept altogether.


After doing so, I found myself happier with my new concept about how to save money. I really want to document my journey towards financial success so I would probably continue with the site even after the class ends. My success with my website is writing blogs post and sharing tips and tricks about financial freedom. One of my frustration was the process the format, the design, the concept. It was hard to make these big decisions but I finally was able to settle on a concept and that was a relief.


Thank you for this wonderful class anDEd for sharing my thoughts and ideas with my classmates. Good Luck everyone and Stay Safe.


I understand the debate regarding copyright, it hard to imagine how as a content creator, you work hard to create a piece unique to you, and other people can change the dynamic of the same piece and make it their own. Although, a copyright gives the credit to the artist that the piece originated from. The fair use concept allows individuals to use and built on preexisting content. For example, Tik Toks allows popular songs to be used in dancing videos. In my opinion, when others share, re-share, and remix content on the web it allows the piece to evolve and stay relevant to modern times. In a way, other people are doing justice by keeping art alive in the industry. But I do understand sometimes people can misuse content and change the perception of the original piece and that does injustice to what the owner intended.

In terms of Andy Baio’s case and Richard Prince’s case, I agree that the law hasn’t caught up to changing values and we are transforming into a shared culture and it’s due to the strives we’re taking in technology. It makes it easier for us to obtain and use the content. It should be celebrated not looked down above. The law between fair use works but it can be conflicted depending on the circumstance. Again, in my opinion, no idea is made from thin air, it’s inspired by something else, a pre-existing idea.


To my understanding vaporwave is a technique used by content creators to explore imagery that is based on 3D-rendered objects, popular artwork, and early 90’s inspiration. From the examples on the website and from the pre-recorded class session, I feel that each piece is very retro and loud in terms of colors and images. I enjoy that vaporwave explores different textures and patterns within one design. From a journalist’s perspective, I feel that each vaporwave is unique in its own way. I like how each element compliments one another, although it may seem random at first, I feel that each element is a part of a bigger story.  It actually a very intricate and delicate process, I appreciate each artist who works on this genre of art. The version I have seen of this art is below, it’s popular within social media.

From google, I did not create this image.

Website’s of fellow classmates!

For this blog post, I chose to look at a gaming and sports website, from the author Clark. I really like that his website has a lot of colors, it caught my eye once I opened his page. Also, the page seems very organized and I liked the use of images especially on the homepage. Unfortunately, there are no blog posts as of yet, but without a doubt, I know that his website will be very popular since a lot of people are into gaming especially in a pandemic where a lot of people focused on their hobbies as we waited until lockdown was lifted. So, I think this website is a great way for people to distract themselves and focus on the entertainment aspect of life.




Next, I viewed Claudia Campos website and I really loved the concept of sharing recipes and having a website to blog about our favorite tasty treats. The images look delicious. I love how warm and inviting the homepage image is with the mug and the smiley face/ cupcakes.  One suggestion I have is, make a video of you making the product to add that personal touch to your website and make your blogs stand out from other blogs. Overall, you did a great job and it all looks sooo good!



Mid Semester Reflection

During my time in CT 101, I learned how to create gifs and memes and I enjoyed using them in my personal life, especially when I have a conversation with a friend and I can snap a quick video and turn it into a gif for all of us to enjoy or a meme. It has been the talking point in many of my friend groups, I have also taught my friends how to do the same. Another skill, in the beginning, I must admit I wasn’t so excited about is blogging, since, in my major all we do is read a textbook but after creating my website I was able to really get myself excited about writing again.

I feel that my strengths are creating memes/ gifs and I need to focus my efforts on trying to create a story with my blogs because I’m a very formal writer, it’s hard to write a blog about myself and my thoughts.  I mostly stick to the facts and write in an essay form but I am improving that aspect of my writing.

As mention before, I struggled with the aspect of speaking creatively in my own authentic voice but becoming a blogger has taught me that maybe I was afraid of voicing my opinion because I didn’t want to be called out for being wrong. For example, from my first blog post to now I feel that I have been trying to be more authentic with my writing.

Top three favorite blog post,…n-of-information/ ‎ ‎

I feel that I have earned an A because although I’m not the best at the creative part of the assignments, I do respect the class and I do my assignment in timely. Most importantly, I can feel as a writer I am growing and becoming more serious about blogging. An example is my website started off as a Mystery Murder website that allowed users to tune into ghost stories and unsolved mysteries. I was excited to create this website and to stand out but I often found myself puzzled when creating blog posts. I had some sort of writer’s block. So, after sitting with the concept for a few weeks, I finally decided that I wanted to change the concept altogether. After doing so, I found myself happier with my new concept about how to save money. SO, I PRESENT MY NEW WEBSITE,

Thank you for reading my post!

The Process

I felt that registering my domain name and creating a website was surreal. In the beginning, it didn’t hit me until I saw my website with the official URL, it took me a while to decide what I wanted to blog about. Since I knew that life right now has been nothing but a loop for me. But I finally decided to combine my love for Halloween, my favorite tv shows and to let my frustration about the justice system out on one website. This website is unique and sticks to the theme of good vs evil.

I dislike that the process can be complicated if you don’t follow the tutorial video and the instructions listed on our class website. I was able to follow the instructions steps by steps and completed the process in 25 minutes. However, after managing through the final step my computer started glitching. Rather than that, it was amazing to have experience creating my own website.

Internet Boy

In the documentary, Swartz differs from fellow programmers because he didn’t allow money to influence his way of life or work ethics. After Swartz moved to San Francisco and start working at Condenast, his life took a turn. First, he was given a computer that had programs installed by Condenast. However, Swartz wasn’t allowed to add anything else limiting himself. As mention, in the documentary, “which to developers is outrageous.”  He had different ideas compared to others, he was politically oriented. It was said that Swartz hated the corporate life and majority of his colleague had the same perspective. However, Swartz was the one to take a stand against this corporation by intentionally getting himself fired. He was leaving the things that made him famous and well-loved. He was at risk of letting down fans.

Swartz states, “you should always be questionable” and not confined to standards of society. In a sense that is how he lived his life by taking a scientific approach to life, which contributed to his success as a programmer. As an activist, Swartz realized that there are real problems in the world and if he could do something to help fix that, he was going to help at any way he can. He focused his attention and work on making public information more available to the public.  As a result, for every book ever published he wanted to have a web page that made it easier for the public to find information. Swartz believed that “books are our cultural legacy. Hence, this aspect of  his life was significant the development of how information is shared today.


Potential domain names

List of websites I would be interested in creating are the following, – based on popular conspiracy theory. based on mental health and current events. reviewing/creating spooky, chilling content.

The reason I chose to do these topic is because it’s different from the website that are broadcasted in the mainstream media and it will be a good experiment if the website picks up traction. Overall, I am excited to be a website owner because I have always had a passion for writing and now I can share my thoughts and ideas to others rather than only my family and friends.

DS106 Project

I was intrigued by the bucket ‘list assignment because I found that it allowed me to think about a topic that is relevant to the event happening today. It made me appreciate things and think about things I want to accomplish.

Similar to, the reason I chose my next assignment, Before and After. This assignment entails using a photograph from the past and digitally blend it with an image of the present as mention in the description of the assignment. In my experience, a before and after image can have a powerful impact showing the difference time can make within a community for better or worst.

The assignment on the ds106 allows students to use both writing skills and digital skills. I enjoyed viewing the writing assignments. However, I wanted to choose a topic that I often don’t use as a form of expression which is visual. Thus, this assignment allowed me to push myself into choosing the bucket list assignment. These skills are important especially in my field of study because storytelling is a significant part of advertising.


Are Memes Art?


Art is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” To reinforce the meaning of art, memes are created from one’s imagination as a visual representation of an image or video that is often accompanied by a text to provoke the human emotions of witty, amusing, and humorous. On this basis, memes qualify as an art form that connects with the emotions of participants who engage in it. In correlation, meme’s that relate to a majority of participants are often rapidly shared by internet users. Therefore, this relationship among users and memes has become fundamental to the success in the growth of memes and to the creation of meme culture.

Often times, memes are packed with witty humor that makes fun of oneself or a person, place, or situation. This light-hearted teasing enhances user experience and makes the internet a joyful platform to interact with. Memes also allow users to form connections with one another by similar interests and experiences that are generally reflected.

Lastly, in times where people are plagued with worry regarding health, job security, and stress of politics the world can seem quite gloomy. Fortunately, with the creation of memes, it allows people a bit of relief in uncertain times. Memes create an environment that allows users to become a part of an online community, especially thanks to content creators who continue to produce updated, relevant and entertaining material for users to share.

My opinion of CT 101 thus far…


Assignment #2- Gifs

Before attending my first CT 101 class, I had already mentally prepared myself to be drowning in the rigorous workload that is often seen in college courses.

On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed environment. The professor seemed genuinely excited to teach the course which changed my perspective about the class. Sometimes, when professors portray a certain attitude towards students it affects the energy of the class. Hence, it was a nice change in scenery.

Furthermore,  the assignments offer students the use of creative freedom to display our ideas, emotions, and thoughts within our assignments. I was intrigued by the idea of writing blogs instead of answering textbook discussion questions. I felt confident with the ability to learn about the lessons rather than cramming facts into my head for tests.  As a marketing major, this was indeed a different world.

Compared to my other courses, CT 101 is a hands-on course where we review our work with our peers and create blogs that are related to the skills we are taught in the previous class.  In addition, I expect to learn about different outlets on the internet, For example, GIF’s and how to create these features, we often see on the internet.

As a senior, this is the perfect way to end a chapter with some creativity. Although I graduate in Spring 2021. But you get the idea.

The internet is a vast ocean of information

80% of our oceans are unmapped, unexplored, and unobserved, the more information we consume the larger our virtual ocean grows. This analogy represents my perspective of the internet, not only do we have a multitude of information at our fingertips but to quote Dorothy Parker  “the cure for boredom is curiosity.”

The internet allows curious individuals like myself answers to questions without judgment and ridicule from others.  For instance, have you ever found yourself puzzled by a question as simple as, How many colors does a rainbow have?  The ability to answer your own questions and to teach your self is an advantage that we sometimes take for granted.

Not to sound cliché but knowledge is power. I enjoy this aspect of the internet because I have a passion to learn about new things.  For example, from a fictional point of view, I read many mystery novels based on the problems that plague our young people in modern-day society such as luring young adults online and physically placing them into unsafe circumstances. The purpose of my interest in this category is to familiarize myself and create awareness for topics such as this. In a non-fictional standpoint, I use the internet to learn about trends and news that surrounds our community or reflect on moments in history. A few news outlets  I check weekly are The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Lastly, to reinstate the importance of using the internet for information, I wholeheartedly agree that the internet is like a vast ocean of information that connects us to the past, present, and future.

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