Customization Sensation :)

This is kind of overwhelming I thought to myself as I opened up WordPress to start customizing my site ( It was time to decide on a theme. Hmmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions, keeping in mind what Professor Seslow said, I went with the safest option that being twenty twenty. I was already feeling overwhelmed about creating a website in the whole so the last thing I wanted to do was complicate things more. I then proceeded to choose a background color, and image and added a little introduction to my about page.


Although it may not look like much, I worked on the appearance of my website and was just trying to figure out WordPress on the whole. If a series is considered two pages, then yes, I created a series of new pages. I added recipes and poetry pages BUT they do not show up on the menu bar which is something I have to figure out.  However, the pages pop up when you type them in the search bar. Although I rewatched the recorded lecture two or three times, I was not having the best experience with WordPress and decided that it was best if I go on YouTube. When I was adding the finishing touches to my half-complete website, I finally figured out how to edit my pages properly and decided to save that for the next assignment because at that point I was getting frustrated and when I get frustrated I don’t do things to the best of my ability but just do the bare minimum which is the last thing I wanted to do for this site.


Overall, I think I had a decent experience with my first time using WordPress though things could have gone much better. However, this is not stopping me from achieving my desired website despite the difficulties I encounter along the way which is expected because I’m not the biggest fan of technology all the time.