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I’m so excited I thought to myself getting ready to complete this week’s CT assignment. I finally get to see some of my classmates’ websites and what they’re about. I opened my laptop along with a new tab, typed in CT101, and logged into my account. Clicking on the course schedule and this week’s assignment, I could feel the excitement building as I scrolled to the bottom of the page to see the comments that were everyone’s websites. To my dismay, there were only two websites there-mine and Professor Seslow’s. It’s kind of funny when I look back at it but wasn’t that funny at the moment. Now, I had no other choice but to wait for some websites to appear in the comments section…

I’d be lying if I were to say that I consistently checked our class website to see if anyone posted the URL to their website because that was not the case. After my first failed attempt at completing this assignment, I waited for a whole week before coming back to it. But I still came back so that’s all that matters. Right?

The websites I visited were And  Personally, I feel as if my section of websites to check out really resonated with different pieces of my personality which I really enjoyed. 

Let’s get started… was the first site I visited where I was sucked in right away. The first thing I noticed about the site before even clicking on the link was the domain which piqued my interest with the initial thought being I like to laugh. Something I like about this website is that not only does it have the most iconic memes from the beginning of time, but it also gives us the backstory of where the meme came from. Like the name of the person in the picture and the story behind it. The same goes for gifs which I absolutely love. Choosing a favorite on this site seems. Difficult because everything flows so well together because memes and gifs are like best friends and you cannot have one without the other. is a great website to reminisce about old social trends and learn something new after a long day Brought me some sort of comfort after seeing the domain causing me to click on it. Something about the name “made in your likeness” felt like it was a cool, schwifty site which it is. My favorite post on this site is a seven-second clip of an animation that was created by the creator of this site. I thought it was really funny and cute. You guys should check it out! Overall, I like the website on the whole especially the topic of focus which is animation and space which are two things I really like as well. I think the appearance of the site goes very well with the whole outer space theme. is kind of a giveaway but I will tell you guys anyway. The last website I explored was a cooking website where various Nigerian food recipes are posted along with instructions. I do not have a favorite post because the whole website is well put together where everything flows. Something I appreciated about the site was the description of the food groups and an overall summary of nutrition. I also like that the directions on the recipe are precise which is needed if someone like me is going to be in the kitchen. 

6 thoughts on “Site Searching…”

  1. This is not a drill!
    Love it, great work on this!
    I enjoy the reviews and how this post is formatted! It is engaging and keeps the viewer curious for what is next!
    Thank you!

  2. Hello Safiya,
    Your post was really engaging and well-formatted, I feel like you took the time to really get the fine details of the websites you discovered. For me when I looked into our classmate’s websites I looked for things that interested me and how the blogs can expand and be creative to tell.
    Great work!!!

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