Panoramic Storytelling and World Trade Center


Today I’ll discuss the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center is widely recognized as the world’s tallest structure. It was a popular spot before the disaster, where everyone went and spoke about. Today, I’ll offer an overview of how things are now and how the United States is recovering from the incidents.

The first World Trade Center was a massive complex of seven skyscrapers in New York City’s Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. It first opened on April 4, 1973, and was destroyed following the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.When I think of the World Trade Center, I think of how many lives were lost in a single act of evil. This day will forever damage family life. 


This panoramic shot was taken at the World Trade Center, which houses the Westfield World Trade Center shopping complex. I try to envision what it was like 21 years ago every time I come here. I often watch videos on YouTube about people who worked at the World Trade Center that day and how they missed their alarms or trains that day, and how God saved them from death.

A monument and museum devoted to those who died that day may be found outside the Westfield World Trade Center retail mall. When I see their names, I am reminded of how many wonderful individuals have died simply performing their jobs or working hard to provide for their families. It reminds me to be grateful every day because life is so brief, and not everyone has the chance to live a long life.


Rest in peace to all the brave dads, moms, teens, young aldut, firefighters who risk their lives to save people, the incredible guy who keeps going to each floor to save people, and police officers who died that day. I also hope that God would give peace that beyond all understanding to their family, friends, and anybody else who is still mourning over this tragedy. 9/11.



4 thoughts on “Panoramic Storytelling and World Trade Center”

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful post, I like how how you connected a sentiment to the assignment.
    Great picts too, its a supplement to assignments original criteria but it certainly works well here.
    I would always ask for supporting hyperlinks – for example, a link to the world trade center museum that is in that area or a link to the Oculus and its architect 🙂

  2. Hello Elizabeth,
    This post has emotion and recovery from the tragedy of 9/11, we can see it as becoming a development and a tourist spot over the past 15 plus years. Truly amazing to see the monument and remembrance of the people that lost their lives. Their names are intact which is amazing to see.

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