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This is my final blog post for this class I can’t believe that it’s over feels like it just started yesterday and now here I am writing my final blog post the saying really is true Time really does fly when you’re having fun and That’s what I had during this class I really enjoyed learning new concepts from learning about memes and gifs to eventually develop my own website I truly feel as though I have learned skills that translate directly into my everyday life and  I feel like I am better now that I have taken this course and gotten more familiar with technology and the digital space as this will serve me well as I continued on into digital media space with my own podcast.

I have to admit that when I first signed up for this course I was a bit apprehensive as I had taken a class such as this before and was unsure of what to expect I found that an aspect of this course that I really appreciated was the way it was structured as I felt that the class website is a great model for how to teach an online class as the information is readily available at any time is very conveniently organized which makes getting to assignments simple and easy, unlike blackboard which feels dated especially in today’s day and age were because of uncertain times flexibility is key and I really feel like this help to curb my anxiety in some ways and epitomizes what a class should look like in 2022.   

As a disabled student at York College who Is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I have had classes in which the online experience was not suited for someone with my needs and accommodations, and often times I would not get them which would severely impact my performance and oftentimes led to my withdrawal so I really appreciate Professor Ryan as he is available for communication and is very receptive to the needs of students as well as making sure students were herd and making the class a collaborative effort, unlike The way a classIs typically taught in College which is a welcomed change that ensures students have the best opportunity to succeed in the course.  

Now to give you guys a quick tour of my website It’s a wrestling website that’s really simple and easy to navigate and this is where I will be posting all my future episodes of my podcast as well as articles pertaining to interesting news in the world of professional wrestling really enjoyed the process of getting integrated with all the tools available while building my website they got me out of my comfort zone and I was able to integrate my passion for my podcast into my school work It is rare when that is able to happen and just highlights how much a lot of the information that was covered in this course is very practical and full of real-world application. 

ultimately though I went through my share of struggles and wasn’t perfect so if asked to grade myself on the work I’ve done throughout the semester I would give myself a B+ because I missed two assignments Do to just the lack of time I had to complete them and not always understanding how to best manage my work in this class in relation to all my other courses I do feel however that the work I have completed shows the quality and shows consistent Improvement throughout the semester As I made the effort to consistently apply new skills throughout the semester that I had learned into my blog post Ultimately I feel as though I did my best I appreciate this class for holding me accountable and I know that whatever great I do receive is one that I earned

Below are the links to all my completed assignments

Assignment #!     

Assignment #2 

Assignment 3

Assignment 6  

Assignment 7  

Assignment 8  

Assignment 9  

Assignment 10

Assignment 11  

Assignment 12

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1 thought on “Final blog post”

  1. Excellent work!
    Thank you so much for the thoughtful and well structured final post!
    The grand finale!
    You have completed great work across all of the CT101 assignment criteria!
    Your work has grow and excelled each and every week!
    Thank you for always participating and asking great questions!
    It was a pleasure to get to know you and work with you here!
    Your website looks amazing!
    Im excited that you implemented it directly into your existing interests!
    Have a great summer!

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