Assignment #8

Choosing a domain name was difficult because it is what resonates most with you. I chose It is possibly the name I want to use for my future brand. The process of setting up my domain on reclaim hosting was quick and easy. The process to build a website begins which is very exciting.

Using WordPress was interesting and fun. I like how there are a lot of customization options. In my experience when picking a theme I did not like the 2022 one I preferred using the 2020 one because it was a lot easier to navigate and customize. I messed around with the theme colors a bit to my preference. I put a big image center of the website home page to showcase what other areas of my page will be about. Which I mentioned in the, about this site widget at the bottom of the website that the website will be used to showcase decorations for all kinds of events. As well as the location of the banquet hall in which all these pictures were taken. Things are subject to change the more I learn about customizing this website but it should be a lot of fun. This is what I have so far.

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