My domain name is the act of birth of a website for the bottom leaders.

When I created my first address e-mail in 2000 I randomly jointed the prefix of my both first name and last name together plus the number 2000 to get guadel2000. My classmates at that time caught “Guadel” and made it a nickname to refer to myself. Unfortunately, I have never thought about spreading it out of school, such as at work. However, until now, my former classmates and other people keep calling me like that. Not only could it be a nice domain name, but aldo it would easily attract those who know me. After all, such a name is remembered and spelled without difficulty. I then wondered why not ?

What my new website would be about? I took a time before answering. I even smiled. Why? As a journalist I used work on various topics, including Politics, Sports, Culture and Tourism. In addition, I love Art, History and Literature (Poetry, particularly). But, the assignment recalled me a new concern about a topic on which I put a certain time reading. This topic is leadership. Indeed, I noticed that everything we know about leadership is from the top. Most books on leadership are written by Chefs Executive Officer (CEO) or/and theoreticians of Leadership. It sounds like just CEO can be leaders while rare are those who really climb the ladder through which they could truly have seen their leadership being challenged. Let’s take the case of those young people with a master, or even a bachelor that companies hire in a high position at the expense of workers with long time experience and great skills.


My point is that there should be plenty of leaders across a company, but they are not emerged for one reason or another. Some leader, for instance, have lone weakness which is making sure of removing bars from the ladder (organigram) after being climbed it or even parachuting into an upper position. By doing that they condemned other leaders to remain in the bottom. I think that the latter needs to be heard. My website would be a platform for them to make their case on leadership. They would express their experience as a leader at the bottom of the ladder wile positioning themselves on the leadership above them and Leadership globally. Such reports could inspire other workers positively and lead the senior officials to a self-awareness in relation to their conception of leadership. That does not necessarily refer to top-down leadership. I just figure that sometimes the true leaders perform from and remain in the bottom. Perhaps would sound better as a domain name.

However, I think such a website can go further and be much more useful to the societies. More widely, it can be a platform for publishing works from a sort of exercise of identifying leadership action from people having been in position of leader. Today’s leaders or growing leaders from various fields, including politic, business, education and sports would converge towards it for inspiring, comparing, judging and even learning from actual and ancient known and unknown leaders. For instance, it would make sense that allows leaders to figure at what degree voters or people they works for or through value their accomplishment.

Finally, as I am passionnate about History, I would take the opportunity to report on my readings on Georges Washington, Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, Toussaint Louverture, Julius Cesar, and others political leaders.




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