Assignment 3-Are Memes Art?

Throughout generations Art has evolve and  has been presented and expressed in different forms. Before I could even walk art was limited to things such as a paintings or even graphites and etc… However, in modern day the internet has allowed the Art world to expand in many ways. For instance memes, which has now become the modern day Art.

So let’s cut down to the chase shall we! To all my meme haters and non believers ask yourself these questions when you say meme isn’t art!

Does memes communicate an idea?

Does memes express a feeling?

If yes so why isn’t meme art again ?

Wait did I hear you say that Memes doesn’t represent the classical ideology of art?????? I was hoping you said that

PLEASE Click here.  Which provides great informations on why Memes are a form of art and how memes should get the recognition it deserves. Also Read this, it explains how memes are much more than just an entertainment.

Here are some oof my favorite memes and please feel free to comment some of your favorite memes :

MEMES ARE A FORM OF ART !!!!!!!!!!!!



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