Assignment #10

The main thing that I wanted to do with my website to get myself started was change the colors to make it look like the logo that I have for my YouTube channel. So I messed around with the colors until I got the right shade of blue that was the closest to my logo. It didn’t come out absolutely perfect but I think that it looks pretty great all things considered! I also made sure to remove all of the default content from WordPress to make sure that the site was truly my own! You won’t find a single thing on the page that shows that it’s from WordPress!
The main goal of this website is to get both my reviews and the movie reviews that my partners write to more eyes that maybe don’t follow our main social media accounts and prefer reading them on a regular website instead (even though our main accounts are on regular websites). So what I did was take one of the reviews that I typed up and made a page for it on the website. I think doing this is really cool because me and my partners certainly have different styles of writing and we all don’t have the same opinions on movies and so doing this will show people when we disagree on something or if we feel the exact same way about something.
As you can see here, I’m going to be specifying when I write a specific review or if one of my partners writes a review. I’m doing this to make sure that everyone knows who wrote these obviously but also to show that it’s okay for us to have different opinions on something. If I wrote a review for a movie that I didn’t like but one of my partners did enjoy it and wanted to share their opinion on the website, they would be able to and people who come to our site would be able to see all of our opinions whether they are good or bad. This is something that is going to be a big part of my site and it’s something that I want to make a priority. I want to make sure that everyone involved with my channel has a voice on the page. This is something that hopefully I can accomplish in the long run.

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