Are Internet Memes ART??

I think memes are art because it has an author and a very important intention behind it (entertain and make people laugh). Also, I consider that art is a way of expressing feelings, and memes make it. There are memes that make you laugh, that make you reflect, that make you think, among others.

Skeptical Third World Kid meme

I believe that memes are art, but personally I think it should be categorized as the sub-branch of something (I don’t know what specifically). I mean, we cannot compare a DaVinci work which was made from zero with creativity, technique, and hard work to a meme where I can look for an image from the internet and add text to it.

The new trend of seeing and making memes is mostly in young people, but as time passes, a larger group of people are entering this culture.

Laughing Men in Suits | And Then I Said meme

I think it can be good for art and also a good way to communicate. Memes, like a work of art, can express emotions and feelings that can be equal to or much stronger than a photograph or a painting.

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4 thoughts on “Are Internet Memes ART??”

  1. Honestly, the first meme says a millions words, the look on the guy’s face says it all about CT1010. I think one good thing about meme is that the combination and of texts and images help in conveying a particular impression. Definitely yes, I agree with memes are art.

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