Are Memes Art?

By definition, art is an expression of human creativity and imagination through visual form, which could include painting, films, graphics or sculpture. Eventually, the expressed creativity compels a particular emotion. If we are to analyze memes through the lens of above definition, one may right say that meme are art. To further buttress this, I will be exploring different memes that express varying emotions.











The post above suggests the excitement that follows after a long week of working. It is important to observe that only the image would not have been enough to fully communicate this expression. Instead, the texts helped convey the meaning. In the same way, only the texts may not be enough to express the excitement. This is why memes are considered art, they help communicate a particular feeling or emotion.


It's Monday Already
It’s Monday Already????


The shock of Monday is real!

It's real bro, wake up!
It’s real bro, wake up!


From the above post, almost everyone can share similar feelings with this guy, Monday is not always fun. However, if we continue to work hard and persevere, maybe one we will be like the lady in the gif below:

You did it!!!!
You did it!!!!















Like I said, memes are art because they express human creativity to convey a particular emotion by using either painting, graphics or films. By looking at the lady dancing, one can immediately relate it to the texts saying ‘Happy Retirement,’ and therefore associate her excitement with retirement. This is how it is: from having fun on Fridays to waking up early on Mondays, on day we will celebrate our retirements!!!

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