Assignent 5: SPAAAAAAACCCEEEE!!!!!!

Soooooo with a few medical setbacks and some tinie tiny procrastination I’m dropping into the discussion of….


Stevie Wonder Orange GIF by Dominic Grijalva

Did you know what that meant at first?

I had no idea what to do at first. Part of me wanted to make it a collage of things I like (which it still ended up close to). BUT!! I felt like it should have a simple creativity to it. So I started brainstorming. spinner GIF by Tobias Rothe

At first, I thought about the things that are important to me like my family, girlfriend and friends. Since I don’t have a whole bunch of pictures of the significant people in my life (those are pending), I decided to instead use things that make me happy.

Art Cartoon GIF by Sam C:

I really enjoy memes, my city and gifs so I tried to incorporate those into my page.  In the end we had pure unadulterated CHAOS!!!!!

Donald Glover Pizza GIF

In any case, its an accurate representation of my creative thought process at least.  I really enjoy space, music, memes, basketball, SpongeBob, hidden messages….. Basically I enjoy a lot of things and since I didn’t want my main page to be too serious the second page and onward will probably focus on individual interests like, architecture, coding, shows, music, etc.

While my second page is in development, I present to you without further ado…. my main

Until next time everyone…

True Blood Cheers GIF


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  1. There is a lot of cool stuff here. I like the way you embedded videos and video links to your site. I’m slightly puzzled about why SpongeBob is considered “Advanced Darkness”. Is that like a representation of your subconscious or something?

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