assignment 3

Here are my Hilarious Memes:




The question over whether memes count as art is a hot issue in today’s conversations. Memes, often known as online humor, can be considered a type of art due to its creative and expressive character. They use photos, writing, and on occasion films to express ideas, emotions, and references to cultures in a brief and appealing way. This accessibility makes art more appealing to a wider audience, particularly younger generations who may not be familiar with standard artistic forms. Memes also contribute to communication by allowing the exchange of ideas and emotions across different populations. They serve as a kind of self-expression, letting people share their present emotions or beliefs through hilarious or relatable content. Furthermore, memes may go beyond self-expression to express stories and narratives. On the internet, memes are widely utilized to create funny tales, reflections on current events, and even harsh criticisms of recent events. Memes are a one-of-a-kind tool for digital storytelling due to their flexibility and variety, altering online conversation and cultural dialogue as they go. A brief online search yields a plethora of viewpoints on the artistic value of memes. Websites such as The Harvard Crimson discuss the matter, saying that memes are an unique and useful type of artistic creation that captures relatable occurrences and serves as a mirror of modern day trends. This viewpoint highlights the changing character of art in the digital age, when the distinction between high and low culture is becoming increasingly blurred. Another article on the Artsper Blog views memes as a new kind of modern art, arguing that memes interfere with traditional ideas of creativity. I connect to memes because i use them as a way to break the ice in some situations.

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