My overall experience of my website

Well well well, it’s good to be back here sorry I haven’t blogged in two weeks I had a lot going on BUT! BOY I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU 😀

Introducing the Quby Shrine!!!

(If it looks blurry I apologize) Yes I made (still a work in progress) and honestly I making websites is fun to do since I have a lot of idea at times and this is one of my ideas a website filled with Quby and how he was made and more Quby gifs that would make you go “aww :)”.
I’m so happy to finally make websites again but in a different way without any coding because it really is simple to do. It’s been since high school I made any websites but no matter I’m still happy I can do it 😀
My experience with Reclaim Hosting is interesting because it is the very first time I ever used a site that can make you your own website but at a cost (if you don’t have a code) but overall it’s amazing to do at least it’s only a year so I’ll be fine as well as Quby will be fine.
Until next time everyone!

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