Assignment 5: Flexibility coming

After a little break, I am back and ready for the action.

Time to get started

This assignment I chose will bring me  out of my comfort zone and I am ready for the challenge🙂.

I had chose this post called “making  a simple program” to make a simple code using the language Python.
I am somewhat familiar with python but here is the actual definition and a little  tutorial to see it visually🙏

I remember the days where I was confused and couldn’t understand programming🥲. Even though I still am considered an amateur, I am better than I was sometime ago.

Here is my proof🙂

This is a quiz program game that I have been playing around with. The bottom section is the terminal testing the program. The code editor I used was visual studio code.
If your answer is right, then the program will tell you its correct, if not then you will have to start over and try again. Hopefully you get it right next time🙏
Assignment #2
Another assignment I took an interest in doing is wait for it….. this
I would like to do this one because adding different Gifs to a tv show to especially a show that is great can add more nice things that can make a show more enjoyable to watch🙂.
Thanks for this, Until next time🙏

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