Assignment #1: Internet Happy By: Khayla Carty (Thurs. section)

Hey everyone! what’s been making me happy lately on the internet is my Youtube True Crime shows and Twitter!

Over the past few months, I have been watching a lot more video content on Youtube than any other platform I currently pay for like Netflix or Hulu, etc. Youtube does it for me every. single. time! Like when I eat do you think I really turn on my TV at this point? Nope. I am an actual Ipad kid at heart.

The reason for this is that I subscribe to actual enjoyable and relatable YouTubers on youtube who are not only true to themselves and their subscribers but to their platforms as well. Though I do this I do enjoy watching true crime shows like Forensic Files, Unsolved Mysteries, etc. recently I came across a foreign youtube channel that uploads Fatal Attraction episodes that air on Oxygen onto their platform and I can’t get enough. It’s become one of my favorite past times at this point.

Here’s a link to an episode I just recently watched about a young woman who was trying to get her life together for herself and her son before her unfortunate passing at the hands of her mentally unstable boyfriend. Rest in power Veronica Jones.

Asides from Youtube, I have been on Twitter a lot more as well in recent months. Twitter is just funnier than Instagram in my honest opinion. It’s like every time I have a personal epiphany or thought to myself someone on Twitter either tweets it or shares something relatable to my views but the delivery? is  h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. Here are a few tweets of my favorite tweets from this week.

Like this tweet mentioning Valentine’s day lol chileee

Valentines day
In honor of Black History month <3
& just a relatable tweet. Cause we’ve all been there.

Overall, these are the things that have made me internet happy this week.


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  1. Great work on this and congrats on your first post here on CT-101! You have set a great example for your classmates!
    Nice use of embedded media, images and video! Now, let’s make a few hyperlinks to help expand the post – you can hyperlink to things like – Netflix or Hulu or Youtube as you did mention them.
    Thank you!!

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