Assignment #1- on the internet this week

Hi all, my name is Meagan and my favorite feature of the internet is our ability to share information with each other. You can learn almost anything on the internet from a comprehensible teacher who most likely isn’t even a teacher- anyone can share their knowledge without credentials and have many platforms to do so.

This week on the internet, the queen’s library website
has made me happy because they have resources on their website to help you learn a wide variety of languages and even dialects of specific languages. It is free and accessible to all of those with a library card.

Most of my time spent on the internet is dedicated towards language learning (and just learning in general) and the plethora of resources and knowledge available to me always leaves me awestruck.

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  1. Excellent!
    Nice job and congrats on your first post!
    Now that we have produced a result, how can we improve upon this?
    What else might you add to this post to develop it further?
    Hmmm, let us brainstorm 🙂

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