Assignment #1 – Things That Make Me Happy On The Internet

I would say that out of all the websites I visit daily, YouTube has to be the one I am on 80% of the time. I mean, it has practically everything you’re looking for. If you need to touch up on a lecture topic for class and your professor’s notes are a bit too confusing…boom! Hundreds of other videos explaining the same topic. Maybe you would like to re-watch some clips from your favorite movies? You can watch it a million times if you’d like thanks to YouTube. You may even come to find a bunch of different content creators whom you’d like to subscribe to because of how their videos appeal to you. Personally, tech is my favorite topic to keep up on. My favorite videos consist of reviews/benchmarks of the latest computer parts such as processors and graphics cards .

On the complete other side of the spectrum, one of my other favorite things to do is re-watch past UFC/boxing highlights. It wasn’t until about two years ago I became a really huge mixed martial arts fan. Since then, it takes up a good chunk of the content I watch online. I did wrestling back in high school, so when I watch these pro-fighters compete, it reminds me of that rush you feel when you’re standing in front of your opponent prepared to see if all that training is about to pay off or not. Not only that, to watch your favorite fighters come out on top over their competition is also just really exciting to see.