Assignment #1 What Makes Me Happy On The Internet

This week the super bowl made me supper excited and happy. I was so happy to see Usher’s performance and the excitement to see the 49ers and Chiefs go head to head was so thrilling.

Realistically I was just watching for Usher, eager to see which other celebs he would bring out to preform along side him. When I was much younger I had the biggest crush on Usher, I think I knew almost all his songs. Indeed I was way young to be listening to some of them but the innocent mind of a child goes a long way.

The Super Bowl half time performance single handedly made younger me so happy.

1 thought on “Assignment #1 What Makes Me Happy On The Internet”

  1. Excellent work!
    Congrats on your first post!
    Lets keep this post going by adding some hyperlinks and embedding a few more pieces of media!
    Check out my video tutorial from last week as it covers how to add various media types into your posts – ill also go over in class again tomorrow too!
    Thank you!

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