Assignment #10: #getartsywithmeNOWWW

HELLLOOO fellow peers

Do you want to get artsy with me?

Well, I just posted my first blog post on my website

(I also slightly changed my logo but you may see no difference)

I know at first glance you may be confused as to where it is

It took me a long time to organize my page, but since I finally got it

I thought I would just explain it here 

Video gif. A light orange dog, ears flopped to both sides, narrows its eyes and positions its snout in a shy cartoon smile.

So the first thing you see is my home page

I dedicated this page almost like my portfolio to what I’ve done now and in the past

(make sure to scroll ALLLL the way down to see the full images)

Tonight Show Smile GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

On the top right, you can see the main menus and so far I have three categories

It’s hard to differentiate which is my actual first blog because I organized each blog into the topics it’s associated with

Video gif. A young blonde haired girl in high pigtails drops her chin in confusion as she twists her head with her tiny palms up in wonder.

so I just dated each one with a preview picture of the work I did on that day

Looking through the first category, oil painting

(you can also go straight to this page by hovering over this photo)

On the top page, I have some of the recent paintings I’ve done and under I have my first blog page under that category

Youtube Eyebrows GIF by SoulPancake

The next category, I have is photography

(you can also go straight to this page by hovering over this photo)

Similarly to the oil painting, I have some of my photographs that I did recently, and right under I have a link to my first blog post under photography

Wildlife gif. A white owl turns his head to look straight at us and has an expression of pure shock. Its eyes are wide and its mouth is open as if gasping.

Lastly, I have an about page where I display the reasoning why I made this website, for this CT101 class and just basic information about me. 

Movie gif. Donkey from Shrek looks at us smiling and blinking innocently.

(if you’re looking at it and it’s empty, that’s because I’m still working on it but if come back on the 20th of December it’ll definitely be completed by then)

ty <3