Assignment #12: CT101 Final Blog Post

Here we are at the end of the semester I feel like it went by so quick.

I enjoyed working with new creative tools in this class such as Figma, Photopea, Giphy and WordPress. I will apply these skills if I do plan to take any digital art classes as electives in the future. If I get a job opportunity that allows me to work with design programs I definitely will refer to CT 101.

Yes, I did learn how to build a website and I am proud of it too. I do plan to maintain the website throughout the summer when I reminisce about the days of CT 101 ! Any photos, videos, or music I feel is worth sharing will my peers will be there up on my site.

Lets take a glance at my site one last time shall we?
I only have one post full of detailed paragraphs and visuals. My ultimate goal is to share what are my favorite things in my past, present and eventually future. This process of creating a website was a bit difficult since at first I could not remove the hideous default page. I wanted to give up right there until Professor Ryan helped me out and showed me how to navigate the site.
I believe I earned at least a B+ in class because I attended majority of the classes, participated, turned in most of my blog posts, left comments on my peers posts, and took my feedback into consideration. I do believe I could have experimented a bit more with the tools provided and not use ones I am 100% familiar with.
It was a pleasure being a student in CT 101, Professor Ryan is an amazing teacher and artist.

1 thought on “Assignment #12: CT101 Final Blog Post”

  1. Thank you!
    Good work has been completed here in CT101! Thank you for for completing all the course work and participating across all of our criteria!
    Thank you for the for the kind words, as you know Im love this course! I learn so much from each student and the amazing amount of creative work that flows through here!
    Thank you for the creative execution of your weekly posts, comments, website and blog post rally in the final weeks!
    Your grade assessment is spot on and likely a bit higher!
    Have a great summer!

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