Assignment #2: Making Our First GIF

On the first day of CT101 I thought this class is going to be a way for me to be creative and express myself through technology. I always was interested in learning about Photoshop and Gimp. 


Yes, I did like hearing about the course and it’s creative content. It was a relief to here that we would be able to include Gifs and memes in our blog posts. I felt like I was able to express my sense of humor in a way that I won’t feel like an outcast. 


In my Writing 301 class we were reading two articles about the effects the Internet and social media on us today. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” written by Nicholas Carr and “Snapchat Depression” written by Nassir Ghaemi, both of these authors express their concerns how the Internet is altering the way we think which is for worse not better. Ghaemi focuses more on the peer pressure that comes along with using social media. Young teens are feeling pressured to have this physical appeal when it comes to appearance. This can lead to self esteem issues and later on develop into depression. On the other hand, this class explores the brighter side of surfing the web and all it has to offer.

The creative potentials for this class is being able to use new platforms to eventually make stories come alive digitally. 


I’m intrigued to learn new skills that involve Internet tools.  I’ve seen some artwork over the years all done by using Gimp and Photoshop. Many designers use digital media to create their ideas for clothing, shoes, furniture, jewelry etc. 

4 thoughts on “Assignment #2: Making Our First GIF”

  1. Hey Anju!

    I am so excited to learn on how we’re gonna be able to use GIFS in order to explain an entire story! Love the hyperlink on the two articles and including that article about Google making us stupid, ha. I genuinely think that people genuinely don’t know how to use the internet now and don’t know how to keep up with the internet so they just think it’s a bunch of nothing.

    1. Good points! Im reading that article now! The internet is sooooo vast, and full of amazing tools that can help us communicate and express ourselves, endless!

  2. Thank you – good work so far – Please take another look at the assignment specifications and add in the parts that are missing – I see several – my posts always serve as examples for the number of media pieces and types to embed – keep me posted on the revision and reply here with the update, thank you!

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