Assignment #2: My GIPHY Story

Assignment #2: My GIPHY Story

Let me begin by saying I’m currently taking five courses this semester, which is helping me stay on top of my game. This is my third year, so since the beginning of college, the least number of courses I’ve covered is four, and since then, I look forward to having a packed semester every term. This class, CT101, is neither a required course nor an elective. I’m not sure how I ended up in this class, but I’m here, and so far, I’m loving it! On my first day, I thought nothing much of this class, which is why I took it in the first place. Professor Ryan says everything I expected. He even went above and beyond when he noted that assignments don’t have due dates. God bless his heart!

Of course, hearing about the CT101 course on the first day brought relief, knowing that not only would I have less work to worry about, but that I would also have fun creating and sharing my digital stories. I was confident in this class and pleased that I had picked it along with my other classes.


Comparing CT101 with Public Health, Clinical Microbiology, Research Writing 303, and the Health Profession is like comparing the strength of a raging bull to that of a Billy Goat! This class is much easier than the others.

I’m hoping to generate new ideas and connect seemingly unrelated concepts to create something unique and original. By doing this, I need to practice more, experiment with different gifs and images from, and videos from, etc., and have confidence in my work. Always prioritizing quality over perfection.

It’s our fourth week, and I’ve been looking forward to learning something new every week. I’ve never blogged before, but doing it now seems interesting. Learning to embed videos and use GIFs to express myself is my favorite part. I’m excited to see what else I can produce with these little fingers and brilliant brains and eyes of mine.

Regarding the pronunciation of GIF, I’ve always pronounced the word GIF with the hard “g” sound, until I heard the professor pronouncing it with the soft “g” sound, which to me sounds better, both are correctly pronounced. The Smithsonian Magazine also confirmed under the topic, History of GIF “Even dictionaries like Oxford English have unhelpfully declared both pronunciations valid.”. However, the creator of GIF, Stephen Earl Wilhite, states in the article WIRED: The GIF Turn 30 that “That year Steve Wilhite was awarded a lifetime achievement award at the Webbys, where he stirred up a mini-controversy by telling the world that GIF is pronounced like the peanut butter brand Jif, not like “gift.”.

3 thoughts on “Assignment #2: My GIPHY Story”

  1. Great work on this!
    Love the selection of GIFS!
    Lets be sure to add a few hyperlinks and share a bit more context – for example, lets hyperlink to 🙂
    Also, check out some of the gif history links in the assignment specs – we can always edit our posts at our own pace and make improvements as we go!
    Have fun!

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