Well first of all saying memes is not art is like saying this class isn’t art and I truly believe that any class and/or anything in general that tests your creativity is a form of art. So anybody that thinks otherwise can fight about it

ct 101

Nah I’m just joking. No fighting. No violence. I kid.



Based on an article that I got from , it states that memes are a form of self expression that “a scene from an obscure film and slap on a wholly different and unrelated topic onto it and still make it enjoyable for many makes memes a language of its own. More than inciting laughter, it also becomes an interesting way for us all to express our sentiments.” Which I agree with because 8 times out of 10 what’s written on the meme has absolutely nothing to do with the actual scene but the facial expressions and/or reactions make the experience so much funnier. Memes are super relatable and allow people to put their creativity to the test and that’s exactly why memes are a form of art.


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  1. Thanks so much, good work on this so far! I love the examples and would love for you to add a bit more to this – the assignment details ask us to really dig in and share a series of our favorites memes as well, lets add those? Also, take a peek back at some of the posts that came through from fellow classmates, lots of nice contrast to see and examples, Good energy! Thank you!

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