Assignment #3 – Memes and Art

When asking myself the question “can memes be considered an art form” I found the question itself to be pretty funny. I mean, I use memes every single day and not once have I ever asked myself if they can be considered art. Come to find out, there are many videos online that asks this question as well. For example, the video provided below by TheVerge asks this question and provides a pretty interesting take on the subject matter.

Again, I personally use memes all the time since I find them to be pretty hilarious when emphasizing a piece of text I would write. Whenever a meme is so funny that it actually makes me physically laugh, I always enjoy sending them out to others who may find them amusing as well.

Overall, I do believe that memes can in fact be considered an art form. First and foremost, art is subjective, meaning that it really depends up to the individual to determine whether or not something has any artistic value. I  believe memes are art since they are something incredibly expressive and can be used as an incredible tool to invoke some sort of emotion.

In terms of communication and storytelling, memes are incredible tools for doing so as well. As mentioned prior, I love using memes the most to emphasize a joke or comment I may make in a text/post. It sort of help bring the text alive and give it character. For example, picture a good friend of yours wishing you a good morning. Nice right? Now picture them wishing you good morning and also sending this meme along with it. Nice and hilarious! As far as storytelling goes, take the meme used above as an example. (Spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen Star Wars) Here’s the entire story line from episodes 1 – 6 in four panels. Funny and gets the point across !

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  1. Good work on this, really fun examples!
    It would be great if you could reference at least one of the essays and articles shared in the assignment post. There is a lot of info and context that could greatly expand your storytelling!
    Thank you!

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