Assignment 4: Blogging about our passions.

I have ADHD, so my answer to ‘What are you passionate about?’ can differ wildly from week to week, or hell, even hour-to-hour. It’s a very hard question to answer usually, but thankfully I’ve been OBSESSED with tabletop RPGs recently, which you can learn more about in my week 1 post here.

Tabletop RPGs appeal to me specifically because of the sheer creative freedom it allows. I’m a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi books, and TTRPGs give me an avenue to basically co-write my own fantasy story with my friends and family, and allow for some much-needed escapism after rough weeks of work and school.

It’s a huge year for D&D fans this year, since there’s a blockbuster movie set in the extremely popular Dungeons and Dragons setting coming out later this month!


I’m personally extremely excited for it, and it’s supremely cool to see the little details, like the spells and monsters get translated to the big screen straight from my imagination.

There’s been a influx of shows based on DnD recently. On Amazon Prime, there’s the Legend of Vox Machina, an animated series that is based on a DnD Podcast called Critical Role, which is a bunch of extremely talented voice actors from video games and anime coming together to play DnD.

I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a bit long, but it’s perfect to listen to during long commutes and to leave on in the background.





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  1. Good Work on this!
    Perhaps it is possible to add a few more hyperlinks here – and always always always start every post with an image! (easy to edit that in as you know 🙂
    Lets look for more Context to share, you mentioned that you are “a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi books”, this is where the context is, share with us which ones! Embed a few gifs, and make a meme about D&D / others – share share!
    Forward motion!

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