Assignment 4: “UsE yOuR iMaaa-Giiii-Naaaa-TiOn”

One assignment that I was confident in my skills was the mashup assignment. The mashup assignments are creative and fun because it essentially is the same concept of a meme. What I mean by that is you kind of have to decipher the visuals in order to understand the meaning behind it. A meme and a mashup assignment both represent a particular theme/phenemon however, it is humorously done. A mashup assignment in itself is taking two images and incoprotaing one into the other in order to combine two different elements to represt a single element.

In my own mashup above, I combined two great shows, The Flash and The Office. I followed the “Superhuman In Everyday Life mashup assignment. In my design, I am Flash speeding into a work meeting depicting my life of always waking up late for my own office job. The power of speed would really be a blessing in my life.

One assignment that I do not know how to do yet is the 3D printing assignment. The concept of 3D printing is amazing as it adds to how technologically advanced we have come in society. 3D printing can significantly reduce the time spent on creative projects. The mediums for 3D printing extends to manufacture parts, home decor, and even medicine as they can print configurable prosthetics. I remember in highschool one of my teachers had a 3D printer in the classroom as a part of his robotics after-school class. It was really fascinating to see it actually work and produce a phone case in the end. We have come a long way from 3D glasses!

I need a better understanding of computer and software design in order to grasp the 3D assignment. The 3D assignment is personally interesting to me because of the dyeing aspect, so I would like to better understand how to construct whatever object I desire to be efficiently printed. This also includes the type of materials and measurements I would need to ensure the best results.

I think taking a look at all the assignments would be a helpful way to better learn and build both emergent storytelling skills. By doing so, you extend your knowledge to different elements and variety of tools to include in storytelling. As a professional you want to be able to extend your horizon to multiple tools, it helps maintain creative ingenuity. 


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