assignment #5- digital storytelling project flexibility

well… i finally bit the bullet. i have been putting off this assignment forever and a day! i have even started working on posts for my website already but this assignment has sat untouched for weeks because in all honesty, it intimidated me- it seemed like a lot to take on. i found an exercise i liked a while ago but was so afraid to execute it.

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for my first creation, i went with a prompt i saw on the daily create- it was the prompt posted on november 2nd: design a birthday cake to commemorate marie antionette’s birthday.

i was drawn to this project because i find marie antionette’s story to be an interesting one and although “let them eat cake” is a misquote (possibly the most famous one ever) i thought the cake homage was a fun idea.
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i used adobe illustrator to create my cake and let me tell you… “everything is more complicated than you think…” this tool is insanely difficult to use especially for people like me who seem to have the worst luck with technology ever.
i first tried to follow this tutorial to make my text three-dimensional but long story short… it didn’t work out. so i began doing the only thing i knew couldn’t fail- making shapes. i played around with layers, duplication, color, text, and curved lines which may not sound like a lot but for me it was like running a marathon.
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i am pleased with my final outcome although my cake is quite minimalistic and i especially enjoyed making the balloons.
the text on the cake, obviously a reference to her beheading, is supposed to be satirical and was somewhat inspired by the late 2010s graphic t shirt trend during which people wore graphic t shirts of all kinds but there was also a rise of “edgy” graphic tees like this one:
for my second creation, i used the adobe photoshop express app which i have used before. the app is really fun to make collages with and i made one of my favorite animals and me rock climbing in the tatry mountains. all of the pictures used in the collage are pictures that were taken by or of me with the exception of the earth in the upper right corner which was a stock photo.
the app is quite easy to navigate, you can upload a photo to be the background and then add more layers (but only up to 5) when i hit 5 layers and want to add more, i save the image and use it as the background in a new creation. in the layers, you can use the cut tool to cut out the subject of an image you have on your phone and seamlessly incorporate it into your collage.
collage GIF by haydiroket (Mert Keskin)
i had a lot of fun creating the collage and even though i had a lot of frustration making the cake, i enjoyed that process too and now i feel i am ever so slightly better at illustrator which i have had the goal to learn for a long time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your post! I agree at times sometimes we procrastinate. I am somewhat in the same boat where im on a off or putting off a assignment but neither the less the semster is almost over and we got this ! think positive ! Stay consistent! And have fun!

  2. That other quote about fate you put spoke to me also, thank you. Your digital art is nice and inspiring, I want to post edited photos more, people have taken #nofilter and beat it like a dead horse, I’m tired of selfies lol I WANT ART!

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