Assignment #6 Digital Immediacy

When reading the assignment for this post, I had to think deeply about the questions being asked to me. I usually do a lot of self reflection, so I wanted to dig deeper and find an answer to these questions that felt right to me.
Being alive to me means to have complete inner peace. So often in this world, it’s very easy to get lost within all of the tragedy and sadness that it can become suffocating. We also tend to bombard ourselves with the expectation of others and allow ourselves to get caught up in how other people perceive us, at some point you just have to step back and think about what makes YOU happy, and what bring YOU peace. As long as you have peace in your mind, then nobody can intercept that fortress. A song that truly embodies that feeling of peace and being alive to me is Good Days by SZA, which heavily inspired my project.

When I think of peace, I think of sitting at the beach and listening to the music that your surroundings make. The sound of the waves crashing upon the shore, the seagulls squawking up high, and the bustling of the wind.
I want to share peace and some type of enlightenment to the word in some way. I feel like what holds me back is that I see myself as this small speck in this huge world and tend to doubt myself and the impact that I could make if I decided to step out of myself and help others.
I decided to use figma when curating this particular project. I liked how it gave me more freedom and space to play around with the images and layer them in different ways to get the right vibe. Speaking of layering, that was the one thing I had the most trouble with.
This here is my final product and I know its not perfect, but I’m actually really proud of what I came up with. At some points I wanted to give up, but I kept pushing. I did not want it to be too crowded because I wanted there to be more of a focus on the setting. My vision was to encapsulate areas where I think I’d feel most peaceful.

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