Assignment #6: Digital Immediacy

The words Creativity, Immediacy & Intuition go in this order: Intuition, Creativity, Immediacy. 

To create a piece of art or literature people usually go with their intuition, then brainstorming which leads them to be creative and finally start putting the ideas together. 

Living carefree and making yourself happy is what being alive means to me. 

I am compelled one thing for this assignment and that is A COLLAGE! Who does not love a bunch of random images all put together with no context? I chose four photos all which I will explain in a few sentences. 

I decided to use the link I inserted down below which is Figma. This application allows users to create prototypes, manipulate images, and design collages.

The four images I chose all are significant to me because they all represent creativity and forms of design. I chose the background to be green to resemble a green screen or slime from Nickelodeon. 

In the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious I chose the scene of Suki (Devon Aoki) and Brian (Paul Walker) with both of their cars which they raced with. Growing up my dream car would be 2001 Honda S2000 the exact same one she drives in the movie. 

A halloween episode from my favorite childhood cartoon Scooby Doo! Originally the image I chose from Google was not as vivid but I used the background blur feature to edit it. I figured to add this to my collage since I will always remember this show. 

The last two images I included are photos from an album taken on a gaming platform known as

IMVU is a gaming platform where users from all of the world create avatars, chatrooms, furniture, clothing and so much more. It gives those with creative abilities to use their talents and make money virtually or reality. I began playing in high school and sometimes I still continue to play. At one point I was a creator on there and made posters, pillows, furniture and clothing. I was more interested in room decor so I had about four chat rooms total and each of them had furniture from creators work I admired.  The picture of my avatar standing on the carpet is actually a poster I made which at the time was available in my shop. Many of my creations were based around real life brands such as Comme Des Garcons, Vlone, Bape, Murakami, and Off White.